The Real Show

Hmm..I have been waiting long to write something on reality shows!I want to discuss about the music reality shows in malayalam only.Well..i completed hated these shows till 'Superstar' was launched in Amrita Tv.I should say that program set the standard for reality shows in malayalam.Still i consider it as the best show ever in a malayalam channel!We should thank amrita tv&its director Mr Satheesh for giving a music feast to ur eyes!The director was so successful in choosing an eminent panel of judges consisting of Deepak Dev,Alphons Joseph&Balabhaskar(was not in the judging panel during last weeks of the show).But his best selection was in choosing none other than Stephen Devassy..The one man orchestra!The 15 contestants selected were equally talented.They gave us some unforgettable performances.

Soon many shows were launched in other channels following the success of Superstar..but eventually all turned up to be worst(my personal opinion).The credit of superstar goes to the entire crew behind it..Everything was perfect in the show..I cant stop appreciating Stephen for the work he did..While all other shows(including hindi/tamil channels) used full orchestra/karaoke,this man fought as a one man orchestra..The techno man!His fingers produced magic..He gave soothing music to our ears..Moreover his humbleness&simplicity made him even great!!No wonder why he got a huge fan base after the how..Ofcourse,he was the superstar of the show!We cant never forget the anchor of the show..Shyama.She was the moral support for all the contestants.Another thing i liked most was the bond of friendship that the contestants made..A show that also gave friendship a new definition!

Coming to the contestants..No one will ever forget two names-Sangeeth and Job Kurian!The best finalists that malayalam music reality shows had ever seen..Their 'Krishna nee vegane baro' was simply scintillating.We cant forget the final five which consisted of Ajay,Nidheesh&Mridula.They sang 'Secret of success' with almost 100% orginality..AR would have been proud if he heard that.The other contestants were also equally talented..but as the show proceeds the better among the best survives!After the show ended many shows started coming up in many channels..For me,no show reached the standard level set by Superstar.Later amrita tv came with superstar global,which was launched for contestants all over the world..But even that didnt reach my expectations..and the judges panel were ineffective.But their were some really talented contestants in that show too..and it was evident form the beginning that Roopa will be crowned as the superstar global.Later on the music reality shows became something like a drama show!But there are few talented singers in all shows.And for all the music directors..U are all made judges of many shows..But just do 1 favour..give chance for these talented people,as much as you can..The music industry needs fresh voices&only you people can do that.Please do make these people sing in your films.
Finally amrita tv again came up with Superstar2,which really catches up with the standard of its 1st edition..Its nice to see Deepak Dev&Stephen back..Also nice to see MJ Jayachandran being more lenient and friendly to contestants.This show also raises hopes about some of the contestants like Sujith Lal,Sidhesh,Raish..As im concluding this,i just want to tel 1 thing..Superstar was the show which changed the face of music reality shows in malayalam&it is because of this show that people strated watching other shows..or this show is the reason of other shows existence/survival.And when it come to finalists..Only Sangeeth&Job comes to our mind..Sincerely i wanted Job to win,because he was the versatile singer..he could manage many languages..his voice had power&magic..he deserved to be the superstar!But sangeeth won it..i was happy..because i liked sangeeth too.One thing is for sure..There wont be two such talented finalists ever!


Deepal said...

JOB :) Even i wanted him to win
Job and Sangeeth.. the best finalists for any reality show in malayalam..!!

Gautham said...


vinay chandran said...

i feel idea star singer and others are just bullshit...wat are they thinking???drama competition ????

the one show that stood out was our superstar...and i'm sure whoever watched that will still hav sangeeth and job as der "superstars" one else touched our hearts so much..
everytime i hear them sing,i feel inspired :)

Gautham said...

@vinay : yes..this was the best show ever in malayalam..job and sangeeth are the real singers..singers with some caliber!they really inspired everyone!