Dream Girl!

Hema Malini is regarded as the 'Dream Girl' of Indian Cinema. I don't disagree with it, but has a point to make here. For all Malayalam movie fans, the dream girl will be certainly another actress. An actress who came and conquered the hearts of many people with her charming eyes and sexy body..One of the beautiful actress that Indian film industry has ever seen..She is our own Sumalatha..Or Kerala's own Clara!

She acted in Malayalam,Telugu,Kannada and Hindi. But it was her roles in malayalam movies that made her famous, and she is still remembered for that beautiful roles. It's indeed a great honour to be famous in the name of character that you did. Many won't get that chance, but she is lucky enough to be still known as "Clara". Thoovanathumbikal is regarded as her best movie till date. Her roles in Nirakoottu,New Delhi and Thazhvaaram made her one of the leading actresses in malayalam. She acted in more than 40 malayalam films. She is lucky to have worked with many legends like Padmarajan,Bharathan etc. It was quite unfortunate that she took a break from film field at her peak time. It was a great loss for malayalam movies and movie fans.

No one has ever portrayed the role of a sex worker this beautifully. Jayakrishnan and Clara remains as one of the best pairs that malayalam film industry has ever witnessed. Now too their romance and dialogues are famous among the youth. She has played many other strong characters too, which is still remembered by everyone. For me Clara is the best role of her till date and that character defines the title of this role. Many will be now thinking about the relevance of this blog now...This is just a dedication to an actress whom I admire so much for her beauty and acting. I like to be born again as Jayakrishnan and marry Clara...And we live as the 'butterflies of the spraying rain'!