The boy next door!

SCT college is most famous for its extra curricular activities. This college has always produced some great heroes, especially in the field of sports,arts and even fights. To be frank, I admired many of my seniors due to their heroics. I am not mentioning all their names here as it will end up as a long list and a boring blog. I want to talk about a person who influenced my life a lot in some other ways.

Loved one's call him 'Sreeku'. In college, he is also famous as 'keedam':)..Many of you won't be knowing his original name..Yes, I am talking about the same 'Sreejith' who studied in 2009 Mechanical batch. As i write this don't misunderstand that he was a college hero or 'gunda' something. For some of us he was a great friend,brother,senior,guide etc. We became good friends almost at the end of his final year and still we continue as very good friends. What i admire the most in him is the sincereity towards his friends or anyone close to him. He has got a great helping mentality and always says once he gets settled, he will help his friends too. He is a passionate football player too, one of the main persons responsible for the development of the SCT football team, and still holds the love and the passion for the team. Extremely proud to say that we both are great fans of Liverpool FC:)

A person who had a lot of bitter experiences in life, but still he remained strong. Life had haunted him in many ways, but he haunted it back because he never wanted to lose. I should say he is a person with vast experiences in life. He is a passionate lover! He should be called as a 'True Lover', he really deserves it. A very friendly,down to earth person! He always loves to be with his friends and have fun all the time. He is one of the funniest guys I have ever seen, and be careful while talking to him. He always had a boy next door image in college, may be because of the way he talks with people or his attitude towards them. He still keeps contacts with many of the juniors in college and they all love him like anything. As I said at the start, he never tried to become a college hero or Casanova. He really showed positive attitude in his life, never got depressed at his bad times, battled life to move forward. I think many of the youngsters should have his attitude. He is one of the best personalities I have ever seen in my life. Now he is preparing for his post graduation. Sreeku, I wish you the very best in your life and career. Be the same always, may god bless you!