Days In Heaven: The excitement begins!

Prologue: It was very difficult for me to accept the fact that my school days were over. That much I loved my school and friends. Actually, it was like a college for me(like one you all saw in the classmate's movie). 8 years in Christ Nagar was like life in heaven, and I was never ready for a change. I should say I was tensed and afraid to face the new world. As usual, my parents wanted me to become an engineer, as it was the trend that time. My wish was always to become a journalist/photographer or anything related to the media world. However, I had no option other than to join engineering. After all the allotment dramas,strikes and fights, our admission process began. Luckily, for me, I got admitted to SCT College of Engineering. This really made me happy as I got into a government college where my favorite student party was in power, and I could cut as many classes as I wish and go for movies and all. So after long 6 months we(my batch mates) got ready to join our new institutions with anxiety,fear,excitement,hopes and dreams.

First Year

I was very proud to join SCT. However, I was scared about ragging and my seniors, because my college was famous for all sort of wicked stuffs. My engineering life started on October 9,2006 with a long and boring speech by our principal and other staffs. Soon after the lengthy welcome ceremony, we were directed to our respective batches. So I got the chance to spend my 1st year with 'B Batch'! I found it difficult to sit in a classroom after 6 months of freedom, like in a prison where no parole is granted. Somehow I wanted to get out of there. Luckily, our staff advisor(Sabitha Mam) soon came to give our class timetable and some advises as a topping to that. As usual, I didn't bother to hear that. I easily understood her character, a kind hearted teacher with fake seriousness. Soon i became company with some of my classmates, Ebin being my first friend in college. As soon as the class got over i enquired about our teachers to some of the seniors I knew. I got a tough image about our mechanics teacher Geethakumari, rest on all were ok. After coming back home, like any engineering student i took a new resolution.."from today onwards, I am going to study seriously":)..The very next day we witnessed the first fight, it was almost like in films. Luckily, form the next day we had continuous strikes. Some students were attacked by locals and we had a series of strikes by SFI and seniors. So it was almost like holidays for us. After all these incidents, our classes started. Since it was too late by then, teachers were rushing through the portions like anything. Graphics and mechanics classes were the most boring ones. Workshop was also difficult at the beginning, but later we found it to be so interesting. In between our seniors and teachers started their strike against our principal for corruption. SFI was very much against him and wanted him to be removed, but he was never ready to resign. Soon strikes started and once principal came to first year block for dismissing the strike. He assured that nothing will happen to us if we get back into classes, the classes will go on smoothly and all. But we were with our seniors:)..Soon he got a very good reply from our seniors.."aa patti palathum parayum..ningal kaaryamakkanda..pettannu irangikko..on strike on strike":P. I was stunned at the way students respected the head of an institution..That moment I got proud of being an Sctian! Soon he was dismissed and Baby Sir was appointed as the new principal. It was said that new principal will join in two weeks, till then Baby Sir will be the principal. 2 weeks got over, 2 months got over, 2 years got over..Finally we got a new principal in my second last semester, almost after 3 years:P..'On strike' was my favourite usage during first year. We hardly had two months of classes before our Christmas holidays. Nothing much happened those days other than making some good friends. As usual we formed a back bench gang, and believe me, we were the only guys who made all sorts of problems in the class. It's pathetic when guys like me nailed in a batch where there are toppers of SSLC,CBSE and all are studying:(..Surprisingly it took me one month to recognise that my resolution was never going to succeed. So like every engineering student I started enjoying life in back bench with my gang. The noted members were Raymond,Abhay,Arun SL,Arun T,Harikuttan,Aswin,Arun M,Femin and so on. We loved to have electrical class everyday because Riya miss always gave us free classes and attendance. Since we were in hit list, chemistry teacher Sabitha miss always asked questions to us..As usual, we never bothered to answer. We loved to sleep or play some small games during all other periods. We were anxiously waiting for our x'mas holidays. Before that we had a small x'mas celebration and all. My Christmas friend was Ram and I gifted him a 'Laughing Buddha', after that it hasn't been a great time for him. Still his life is going through some difficult phases:P..By the way, I became a SFI activist in college. I was so attracted to the party after watching the movie 'Classmates' and as soon as the leaders came to our block for campaigning, I got into the party. Actually I was very much impressed by the speech of Vishnu chettan(final year) and somewhat adored him like a hero. Actually many of the party members were my good friends and seniors. So slowly i was getting out my school days hangover. In fact, I started loving SCT!

After the holidays, we were welcomed by our first series exams in January! Since it was our first exams in college, I didn't have the courage to copy or keep reduced photocopies with me. Finally I decided to study and write, which in turned out to be an utter failure mission:)..First exam was maths, and somehow I wrote it neatly. But really got fucked up with physics. There was a question to define wavelength, frequency, time period and all, believe me, I didn't knew the answer. I knew about ruby laser, interference and almost all essays but didn't knew this basic question:(..Finally I had to ask the girl who sat next to me, who was indeed a great buji(that was Rini who turned out to be my classmate later). She told me the answer but with a sheer pity attitude! I almost flunked in rest of the exams. And soon teachers started giving our papers. Surprisingly, I passed for 5 subjects:)..But scored some terrific marks for the flunked one's, like 3/100 for mechanical and 8/50 for electronics:)..After the exams we started to bunk classes for films and all. Me, Vijayanand(F batch) and Raymond were the permanent movie team. I should say that we saw almost all the films that got released that time, even the Telugu movies. And that is how I became an Allu Arjun fan!:)..It was really funny go with SCT guys, as they make all sorts of comments in theatres. Still I wonder how the girls in those theatres tolerated us for more than 2 hours?? My attendance was above 85% till January(till then only bunked during drawing classes), and finally it started moving down.

Even if we attended the drawing classes, it almost took two hours for drawing the border line alone. I remember I have only submitted one sheet on my own. Never bothered to submit the rest 11 sheets, nor get into the drawing classes. Even if we attend, we will bunk saying we want to buy 2H pencil,compass or like we want to drink water and all:)..When the sessionals were about to be published, I got screwed up. Even though I got passed in both the series(yaa..that happened), i had only 1 sheet to my credit. I should thank my friend Bhageerathi for saving me from getting under sessional. She drew almost 6 sheets for me and submitted..Thus I got saved!:)..Soon our first year guys got Challenger Cup and Albani fever! In that name, we started bunking classes and once we got really fucked up. We decided to cut mechanics class and go to poojapura ground for cricket practice. Since Geethakumari miss was a terror among our students, we were little scared. Finally we decided to bunk, but the time was 1:30 by then. She clearly saw we guys bunking and heard Abhay's dialogue.."aliya, njangal class cut cheythu cricket kalikkan pokuva"! The very next day she wanted us to see her before entering the class. She was really angry with us and argued that we insulted her publicly and Abhay was the main reason for that. The funny part is that while she was fuming, he was laughing like anything in a sense that she deserved this. Almost the same situation happened when we did our first mass cut. Everyone had to apologize to Anitha miss that time. In February, we got a new civil teacher. She was 2006 pass out, and joined here as a guest lecturer. Should say she was fair and had a good figure, and we could almost see that from her dressing style. All the back bencher's came to front during civil class, with their tongue out and staring at her continuously. Soon she started wearing saree like we use bed sheet, fully covered! And soon she stopped coming to our class, I think even to college!

Eventually we lost to P8(defending champions) in our first game. But got a lot of appreciation from our seniors for playing well against the champions. We got carried away by this and did a re-entry. Match was against T8 B, one of the weakest teams in our college. Due to our over confidence we lost the match, and those guys started celebrating like they won the world cup or something. Actually we should always expect bigger celebrations from EC guys! Result of Albani was no different, as we lost 3-1 to some team, and didn't dare to play again. Since many gals were there in our class, we didn't have much difficulty for funds:)..From our year, just D batch entered into the semi's of Challenger and Albani. Soon our college fests began. Our college had the maximum number of fests that year. Nirvaan(EC), Autobahn(Automobile), Aufait(Samskara), Dishaa(CS), Focuz IT(IT). Every week we had some fest and it was really splendid, Aufait being the best fest that year. After all those fests and enjoyments, our next series began. This time we had the courage to copy and take in reduced photocopies and all. That's how I passed for electrical exam. That day the invigilator happened to be a beautiful teacher and I sat in the exam hall for complete two hours. I couldn't take my eyes from her, in fact I was looking at her for continuous two hours(she was my staff advisor later). For civil exam, Riya miss was the invigilator and I got the chance to write the exam with text book. For electronics exam I copied from the best buji our class. Don't faint as you read this, I got the highest marks among boys. Teacher couldn't believe that it was my paper and finally she told this dialogue to everyone.."look at gautham's paper..how neatly he has written..everything well explained..you all should look and study from his paper":P..Every buji in my class got desperate after hearing this, after all I got the second highest mark in the class:)

The smile in our faces soon got faded when date for S1S2 examinations got announced. It was the time for us to get serious, but we never wanted our first year to end. By April 30th our classes came to an end, and it was time for the teachers to publish our sessionals. Luckily mine was not that bad, just getting under sessional for mechanics. Our exam was scheduled to begin on May 21. But due to many people's help, it got postponed till June 25. We celebrated this long study leave like a vacation and when exams started we really got fucked up. We were not scared to copy for university exams also! Copied maths from my friend Faiz. Even did the same for physics, but the invigilator caught us! Next four papers were just ok for us, and the next three was very easy for me. Just before the last(electronics) exam, the Congress party called for a harthal. So we all started celebrating our holidays, Faiz even boarded his train to Calicut. By afternoon they decided to postpone the harthal and exam was back on track:(..As soon as Faiz reached Calicut, he boarded the next train to Trivandrum:)..As expected we all flunked for the exam. Since exam was very easy i was able to leave the hall in 1 and half hours:).. Even though we got fucked up for the exam, we were happy that the exam trouble ended. But soon got sad that in a few days we were all going to new classes, new friends..We didn't want that. But with good hopes we all got ready to welcome our new class..new block..new friends..Ya, we are seniors now!

(PS: I know it's too long for you all to read. But first year was unarguably my best year in SCT. so had to write in detail. Hope you all enjoyed!)

To be continued...