Days In Heaven: New phase of life!

After two weeks of holidays, our second year classes started on August 1,2007. Still I can't explain the type of emotion i had in my mind. I was kinda tensed or worried and was really excited too. Except one or two, all others in my gang belonged to other branches, especially mechanical. I should admit that i was little scared about the computer science department after getting horrible descriptions from our seniors. During holidays i even planned to give a request to principal for branch exchange. But it didn't happen and i was forced to join my new class. 

It was almost like a first year class. Almost 60% of the faces were new to me. As usual, i sat at the back bench. Slowly we all started to introduce each other and first day went like that. The classes were really boring and staff advisor Vineetha miss warned us in the class itself that she wants absolute discipline from us. Soon i was able to find a gang in back bench and i got more involved in party activities. Even though classes were boring, we made the maximum noise and distracted everyone. Soon we were termed as the 'worst batch' of computer science:)..Our back bench gang consisted of Anooj, Melvin, Aswin, Nirmal, Anoop, JP, Manu, Subin, Ibu and many. We loved to sit in Sivakumar Sir's class. Even though sir gives us full mark for attendance and assignments we never used to bunk his classes. Mostly we wanted to hear the excellent Malayalam words that flowed from his mouth, and there is no single student who hasn't heard those. Sir liked me a lot and whenever he came to our class he called me 'mone'.. in front of that there will be some super words that Malayalam dictionary has ever defined:)..I hated Sathi Devi's maths class like anything. She thinks she is so intelligent,funny,the best teacher and all..But truly saying, she is a fat lady with a very poor humor sense and great stupidity. We had maximum fun in every class and labs. Still one incident makes me laugh a lot. Manu and Ibu were considered as one of the best couples in our class(377 wasn't legal then). Once during Discrete structure class, teacher made Manu sit in the front bench. As we were confused with her action she gave this explanation.."it's better you sit in the front bench. else you will feel like kissing the guys sitting next to you"! Once our staff advisor even cried due to the never ending complaints about us, but that never made us good students:)..One of the most exciting thing happened in our 3rd semester was the arrival of new batch. Our party welcomed the freshers with a super and spirited campaigning. But unfortunately for me, we got into a verbal spat with Sathi Devi and she reported to my staff advisor that I was the main person behind that. Soon she had a feeling that i was behind all the violent activities taking place in college and asked me to stop it immediately. But i wasn't ready to leave the party. Soon my mom,Anitha Miss and all came to know about my party activities and i had to put a control over that. Anitha Miss happened to be my Maths tuition teacher till S5 and still remains very close to my mom. In almost every class she used make fun of me in the name of party, but was very caring and loving towards everyone. I can proudly say that she is the only teacher i still respect in college.

Our college saw the best Diwali celebration during our 3rd semester. An excellent celebration which gifted us a mass suspension and notice against 23 students for almost setting the college in fire9out of which 4 were from my class):)..Just before the lunch, principal issued not to use any crackers inside the campus. This really inspired us to use the crackers inside our class. Still i remember a terrific rocket launch which narrowly missed  Baby Sir's head:).. At last police had to enter our campus for bringing the situation under control. Unluckily my name was included in this too and mom had to meet the teachers. But HOD said i wasn't involved in any of these, but my gang happened to be notorious. Another great event was Holi. Unlike first year, the celebration was limited to senior block only. SFI strictly told that no seniors should enter the first year block because of the unholy attack by our seniors on 1st year girls. Soon came pooja holidays. As i didn't keep my pooja that year, i decided to celebrate it at MC hostel(just above Pappanamcode Beverages). So we all kept beer for our pooja:)..I was drinking it after 2 long years. Within one week we had our tour. It still remains as one of the unforgettable days of my life, due to pleasant and unpleasant incidents. The unpleasant incident was the fight with mechanical branches. Many idiots made a lot of misunderstandings between us and it ended in a fight. The fight began at Hogenakkal and ended the day we reached back. It remains as one the darkest days in my college life. But we really had an excellent tour. The first day of tour gifted me the taste of Smirnoff. Second day i got promoted to 8pm whisky and third day back to Romanov Vodka. My graph was on a high..From beer to whisky in one week, i was on the way to become a professional drinker:)..I still remember how Faiz scared Neema with his 'Jabe se tere naina' act(believe me, he was in a white towel):)..We had all the fun in bus by singing,dancing,proposals:)..It was too boring to get back to classes. The issues with mechanical branches were soon solved. For that everyone has to thank a guy called Vishnu(Soap). One of my best friend ever, and unarguably the best student of 2006-2010 batch. He was truly an inspiring figure for all of us and was always in front to lead us. We became friends while working for party. And he was a passionate party worker, can say a true communist:)..The last days of 3rd semester ended in theatres. There was a huge clash between Om Shanti Om and Saawariya, but finally SRK fans emerged victorious. I still regret watching Saawariya the first day, first show:(..Soon our 1st year results came. It was only the beginning, i lost almost a good number of papers. To add to this disaster, our 3rd semester exams were conducted before the actual date. I was almost sure of a wash out after attending that. Before the exams ended, my supplementary exams started. Still i don't know why i wrote those, because still i am writing that:)..And the labs turned out to be another nightmare.Forgetting all those horrible days, we all entered into a new semester.

Semester 4

Even semesters were always exciting. The reason was simple..Less working days and more college fests. As usual classes started and we started bunking. Very soon valentine's day came, eventually it was Kishor's birthday. Later, Kishor turned out to be my best friend in college. So we gathered at a hostel and started our usual procedures. For the 1st time i had brandy in my life, and i almost decided to give up drinking. After coming back one of my friend wanted to enter 1st year block. Somehow we stopped him form that, but soon demanded another thing. We had a CPP teacher who was one of the sexiest in our college. But unluckily she was a guest lecturer and soon left. We got the chance to attend some of her classes and believe me, the class attendance was full that time. My friend wanted to propose her, or at least touch her. Somehow we took him to class and the 4th hour started. It was Preeja Miss's hour. It was so difficult to sit in class after getting drunk, but since teacher came we couldn't escape. when alcohol goes in everyone will start exhibiting their original nature. Soon teacher asked me,Kishor and others to come in front bench, and we were left with no choice. It was disgusting to sit there with mouth closed and responding to teacher in sign language:(..After that i didn't drink for more than one year:)..We had the habit of hearing songs in our mobile during class times. Me and Faiz always used to hear 'kabhi kabhi mere dil mein'. Once while we were enjoying this song, suddenly our CPP teacher came in. Incidentally the song portion she heard was "suhaag raat hain ghoongat utha raha hon main":)..Nothing interesting really happened in class during this semester, other than the usual bunking,party activities,rebellion against teachers etc.

The main time pass of that semester was definitely the college fests. That year Nirvaan turned out to be the best. They had a wonderful choreo-nite and a star nite by Motherjane. Nirvaan also witnessed the debut of Anand Kumar(Machan), who later turned out to be one of the best dancers our college has ever seen. That year too Aufait kept its standard. I still remember two best things happened that year. One was the 'Kallorisaale' dance performance by our college team. Prince really set the stage on fire with his unforgettable performance. The second was the debut performance of Year Outz! Lead by Anand, they impressed  the complete audience with their 'Ponmagal' performance. The team members were Anoop(my very best friend and a stylish dancer), Sabarish, Aswin, Unnikrishnan, Archit etc. I loved their performance like anything, and Anand being my junior from school, i joined with the team. I was termed as the 'manager' of yearoutz, or rather i chose that position. But we were like best friends from the beginning and still i am with the team. Those guys are my best friends forever. Another great team which emerged that year was Purple Blood. Soon our college team left to Calicut for participating in NIT Ragam. We had a team of almost 150 members. It was one of the best days of my life. On the 2nd day of the event, me and my batch mates went to toddy shop. After having a nice amount of toddy and food, we entered for Karthik's concert. Believe me, concerts are the best when we have alcohol inside:)..Our college finished 2nd for the event. I stayed back with my classmates even after the college team left. We had a terrific outing at Calicut, and got drowned in special biriyani's. When we got back, our classes were about to end. Me and my friends wanted to have a taste of condonation that time. So we completely bunked the last week classes. We used to come to college at 9, enter the Information Centre(IC) and play cards all the time. We even had chess,caroms,football etc inside IC. The leader of this club was our dearest 'Sekharan'. And by the end we got back in good terms with mechanical branches, actually most of my friends were there. Soon attendance list was published and unfortunately for all of us. we had no condonation that semester. Surprisingly i got 80% attendance:(

Soon our 3rd semester results were out. Luckily i didn't get a wash out. But i lost a good amount of paper this time too. We were expecting our next exams soon, but finally we had to wait 3-4 months for writing it. University has a procedure of giving semester breaks for 4th and 6th semester(for 1 month), but due to some issues there we got a summer vacation:)..In between supplementary exams were held. In between that our batch got shocked by the death of our dear friend Joji(Mechanical Production). It was really unbelievable for us. He was a friendly,lovable guy. Joji, as i write this, i like to tell you that our batch really missed you..whenever i visited your class, i always saw your face first..still you are in our thoughts..May your soul rest in peace! Our exams were conducted after 3 months. The exams were far far better than the last two. We just got 4-5 days of holiday after the exams. We were getting ready for our Industrial Visit, projects..To become the real seniors!!!
                                                                                                                               To be continued..


Harish said...

heyya gautham bro, i just loved da way of rote this blog!!!! its really great!!!!! wish 2 read ur experinces of higher sem's!!! hope u'll post it as fast as possible!!!!!!

vishnu said...

i'm flattered *blush*

But you missed the first ever inter-collegiate tech fest of SCT, MAGNA'08.

Well written piece.:)
keep writing..


Gautham said...

@harish: thanx bro..i will post it as soon as possible!
@vishnu: ya..extremely sorry da:(.that was one fest which i should have definitely intercollegiate fest completely organised by students of production!!!

sabari said...

Bt, chetta, hw id u arrange tour in S3? Was it official?

Gautham said...

@sabari: thanks was an unofficial friend's sister and 3 lab assistants accompanied us:)

karnnan said...

"The classes were really boring and staff advisor Vineetha miss warned us in the class itself that she wants absolute discipline from us."..aaw common man..what was she thinkin?? she new admission to SCT eih??

n about our maths teacher Sathi devi..yea she had the worst sense of humour..thinks shes better satirist than George Bernard Shaw..n what comesout then s we term 'chanda samsaram'..but that was as competent as some of the classmates slangs! lol!

n abt tours they always have a clash b/w branches scheduled in em.. for us it was b/w mech-auto-prodn vs ec..alochichu nokkamallo their chances of standin against us mech combined..[athokke illathe enthu tour..hehe]

karnnan said...

Diwali suspensions rocked! we also got booked for celebratin challengers cricket victory.. i brought chenda n a bottle of cognac champagne[which was supposed to b empty..but unfortunately n was not]empty bottlel soda nirachu adikkan ayirnu plan..but akathu sadhanam ondayirnu..pinne ellarum vattam koodi..ambalathil potti theertham kodukkum pole oro thulli orotharku koduthu..hehe..athu staff advisor joy vargese arinju..also some other sirs..but joy sir kalippaakkiyilla..deepu sir ayirnu our old staff advisor.. so ellathinum oru sakthamaya pinthuna avdennu kittiyirnu..

pinne 4 me there r many sirs/teachers i respect.. 1st one s our own deepu sir, then there was a debin sir whom i liked verymuch.. he was a master at taunts but his taunts made me never fail in my subjects [mech related] its diff kinda motivation..but i liked him for that..then abhilash sir, sivakumar sir, aneesh sir [bcos he comes to take class only thrice a sem n gives sessional above 45], anoop sir, etc..
frankly saying i owe my pass certificate n degree certificate to debin sir [chemankunju/ponmudi-snehathode palarum vilichirunnathu]
his taunts in the 1st yr provoked me very much to that extend that i made an 'ugara-sabhadham'.."that i wont fail in any of the mech papers!"

karnnan said...

yea aa CPP teacher..namukkum ondayirnu..65 attendance olla classil max 70 vare vannitund..hehestill have her pic [which som1 took on my mob] with me in my pc.. ;)
pinne our dear SOAP ithra kidilam ayirnu ennu njan arinjirnilla.. pakshe athinte yadhoru ahambavavum illa ketto..hehe

anyway its good to be nostalgic once in a relive all the memories sweet n sour..cos memories r all we have..
so i would say keep writin.. waitin 4 more..

Gautham said...

2karnan: she joined sct in 2003..her first batch made her cry in class..athukondaanu njangale nerathe nannakkamennu vichaariche!about sathi devi..nee paranjathu aanu correct..but market people have more decency! ennalum nee champagne konduvanittu enne ariyichillallo mahapaapi:(..pls do send that photo to my mail ok! teacher's list theernitilla..i will write about it in last part:)

Divya said...

hey it was a nice flick of reading.keep writing many more such interesting blogs..

sabari said...

hey. .
v r w8ing 4 the next sem. . .

sabari said...

hooooooi. . .
am w8ing 4 the nxt sem. . .wr s it?

Gautham said...

@divya: thanx da..sure, i will keep on writing:)
@sabari: just will be published soon!:)

lakshmi said...

'unholy act' was d best metaphor i saw afta a long long tym...hats off mashe!hope nxt 2 yrz are more eventful and xiciting dan dese two...keep up d good work dude:)

Gautham said...

@lakshmi: thanx a lot mashe! ya i will try to make the last two years more interesting than this:)

NEEYA ............ said...

Know nothing about SCT other than Aparna's explanation..
But I always amazingly sit in front of her to hear about her "liberal college"!!
Again..Chethan Bhagath effect sparkles in ur words...
All the best...

Hope u'l have a visit 2 my blog too...:)

Gautham said...

@neeya: thanks a lot:)..sct is truly have a visit our college with ur cousin..try to go for onam celebration, you will surely enjoy! ya i will read ur blog soon..sorry, just got busy with some works!:)

Nandini said...

first f all lemme tell u these r d comments i wntd to make as i ws reading this thing...

hehhehe..oh wow..i wish if i cud have been thr in ur sirz class to hear those amazin MONE words=))

entamme..ente couzinte veerashooraparakramangal okke vaychu njan oru vazhi aai :| nee kollalo:| lol:P

and jab se tere naina? seriously? roflmao=))=))=)) mAN!! hehe

and neeyum kando saawariya?
i saw it on d second day :D
m stil feeling blue abt it :P

and d new cpp teach..oye suhaag raat tak paunch gaya? abbey..sharam kar:P :P :p

And may ur friend who passed away rest in peace:)

P.S. the unholy act usage is simply eggcellent;) hehe..u r good rey ;)

Gautham said...

@nandini: don't ever mention about was a total nightmare:(..but the 'jab se tere naina' incident made us laugh throughout the sesmester:)..aa cpp teacher ullondu samayam sherikkum poyi:P..nee sctyil vannirunnel ithinekaal parakramangal kaanamaayirunnu:P..aa 'unholy' usage sherikkum famous aayi:)..thanks a lot for ur comments sis:)