Days In Heaven: Twists and Turns

Industrial Visit(IV) was the main reason for our excitement in 5th semester. We didn't have much holidays after our 4th semester exams and when classes started supplementary exams also began. Before getting into detail about 5th semester, i love to say about the 4th semester labs exams. The first lab happened to be Data Structures, for which we went without studying a single program or for viva. Our twelve member batch was named as the 'notorious' exam batch by our teachers.We belonged to the second batch and fortunately we got the question five minutes prior to the exam. So before entering the lab, we all wrote the program in a paper and even stored in mobiles. And guess what, our notorious batch got full output. The funniest thing was our batch didn't even answer the basic questions for viva, but got full output:)..Luckily, the external examinerdidn't catch us. The next lab was Logic System Design(LSD) lab. Vineetha Miss was our internal examiner. She was very much upset with us, and so only 3-4 guys from our batch passed for that. But we had an interesting viva from our dearest kanju(Nirmal). After seeing some experiments were not verified by teachers external examiner asked "why these are not signed"?..Kanju's reply was "ivide inganeyokke thanneya..itrayum sign kaanan kazhiyunnathu thanne bhaagyma"! He was surprised by kanju's reply, but continued with his viva.."where's the processor of computer located"? Kanju said "it will be inside CPU". Next question was "processor engane irikkum"? For this kanju gave the best answer.."athangane parayan pattilla..chilappol kidakkukayayirikkum..allel chilappol thookki ittekkum"! Kanju didn't even tell the names of s5 subjects properly. Luckily, that examiner is still alive! Labs were always like watching a comedy film.

The fifth semester started with the planning of mini project. Everyone decided their team even before the classes started, and i stood proudly without a team and topic:)..The subjects were easier when compared to the previous semesters. Luckily we had two maths papers that time, and was sure of passing in at least two subjects. From the very first day of class we all started planning for IV, the main emphasis being on alcohol brands! As usual, the labs were very funny and we used to have chat sessions with Turbo C++ open(#include was the only thing displayed in every computer). Finally my mini project team got finalized..Me and Kishor! The worst team that any teacher can dream of and the only team with two members. The two interesting things  happened before IV were the Onam celebration and strike by SFI. Before mentioning about Onam, I would like to apologize for not mentioning it in the second part. My second year Onam was the best one i had in college, being the first one we enjoyed like anything. The Onam celebrations will be inaugurated exactly one week before the actual date and the final years will start putting 'Athapookalam' . On the celebration day we can expect a big design in front of our library, which turns out to be the best! The celebration will be accompanied by the 'Pancharimelam' , to which the entire college will dance without any distinctions. Onasadya and onakali will be soon followed. From my experience, just our college celebrates Onam in full swing. If you miss the celebration, do take it as one of the biggest loss in your life. For 3rd year Onam, we even had an elephant to play with:)..But it wasn't that exciting like our second year, but there was no compromise in our celebration.

In fifth semester many of us left the party. It was a difficult decision, but we had no choice. We had continuous strikes when a third semester student was fined for some reason. And the best part was that the seniors verbally abused our HOD and a sir, and even threatened to murder them:).. Everybody was busy running behind mini project,IV and all..But me and Kishor never bothered about that. We never cared to submit the project title,abstract or attend the evaluations. The classes were really boring and Soniya Miss's class was like watching an Adoor Gopalakrishnan film:(..Soon our first series came. Our batch managed to pass in a few subjects, but scored some record one-digit marks for Soniya Miss's subject. Days went like seconds and our much awaited IV was closing in. One batch was busy regrading the beverage stocks, another busy planning about shopping, and the 'buji' batch was dreaming about the beauty of Infosys! We and the production batch were leaving on the same train, same day.

IV(International Vellamadi/Industrial Visit)

October 25,2008..we and production team boarded the train to Hyderabad. It was fun watching the parents advising their son/daughter about how to protect themselves during this tour. Subu Sir,his wife and Preeja Miss were our accompanying staffs. As soon as the train took off, he divided us into batches, and even instructed about the berths we should use during IV as if we are LKG students. He strictly banned the usage of alcohol and cigarettes, if anyone violates the condition the staff members will catch the next train back to Trivandrum. That was a good opening for us:)..Even before reaching Quilon, our alcohol party started. It was nice to play cards along with the company of 'Shark Tooth' vodka. Soon my friends joined production team, where they were welcomed by a variety of brands. The most exciting thing happened during this journey was meeting a girl called Anu. She was travelling from Trivandrum to Palakkad with her mother. That didn't stop us from talking to her. Soon my all my friends were near her seat. Luckily her mom didn't inform the police or slapped us. I should say she was beautiful, in Malayalam 'aishwaryam ulla penkutty'. Still i don't know from where i got the courage to talk to her, but i really did enjoy the one hour i spend with her. At times i even talked to her mom so that i will have a damage free cheek. I was really in cloud 9, when she gave me her number before leaving and asked me to sms her:)..After she left, the journey became so boring. The journey was so tiring, it took 1 and a half days to reach Hyderabad. We were really scared of the hijada attack in train. Luckily we all escaped, but one of my batch mates got a good show:)..The city was so crowded due to diwali celebrations, the only diwali i missed in college. As soon as we reached, we got into a spat with our sir. The first place we visited was I-Max. There was nothing much to see there, except some Allu Arjun posters and busty girls. After that we all were taken to Lumbini Park(where the blasts occurred some years back) to watch the laser show. Our team bunked from there and went near the Hussain Sagar lake to have a smoking session, and also managed to trace the beverage shop. Late night we started our celebration with two full bottles of McDowell's  whisky. It was really like a bachelor's party where we had some debut drinkers, cigarettes, pan, manu's sentimental scenes, vomiting sessions(some even slept over that!), some good fights etc. The party lasted till some 3'o clock. Next day we all had a visit to Ramoji Film City. The film sets were nice to see, but we were bored to death there. Our team wasn't impressed with film city, other than the photo sessions and some sexy girls we met there. Many understand the importance of language when we come across such situations. Charminar and Mecca Masjid were just locations for our photo shoot. The only thing i loved there was the Snow World. One full hour in ice and that too in some special kind of dress, it was awesome to play with girls from other colleges. I hated the people and traffic of Hyderabad, but biriyani wasn't that bad. Production team were having a wonderful time there. They even got into a diwali celebration with Punjabi people, but ran with their life as soon as they saw a knife in one man's hand. Their booze parties were almost like that of Vijay Mallya's. I got so happy and excited when we boarded the train to Bangalore. As soon as the railway police saw Kishor in train, they warned us against using alcohol:)..In Bangalore city, our batch had complete freedom, but under the condition that everyone should be back to hotel before 10 pm. The very first day half of my class went to Wonderla, and some decided to stay back in hotel. As soon as everyone left the Bacardi bottle was opened. My first plan was to visit the brand factory, two of my friends also accompanied me. One was well drunk and created all sorts of troubles for us in Forum mall. Whenever the girls came near him, he kept his hand in such a way that it touched their buttocks. Since it was Bangalore, we are still alive.The only thing i hated was that majority of the girls there were malayalees, so that we couldn't openly comment. The visit to brand factory was little disappointing as we didn't find anything like we heard, it was almost like a ordinary dress shop.

KFC, McDonald's, Brigade Street etc were our main hang-out places. The visit to Infosys was very funny. We reached there almost two hours late due to a boring visit it Iskcon temple. 'A temple for just commercial purpose', thats what i like to mention about Iskcon. In infy, we had a small lecture by our seniors. The beauty of infy really amazed me. Many of my friends soon started thinking about a job there. Our main aim was photo shoot, which we did well with a good amount of noise. As usual our staff got angry and even the senior chettan. It was always my dream to drink in public, and it got fulfilled the very same day. Me and Kishor bought a Kingfisher beer can from Forum and drunk it just in front of the mall entrance where the entire security and people were watching us and even had the taste of cigarette for the first time. The last day in garden city was completely dedicated o shopping at Commercial Street, Brigade Street and all. One thing I missed was Pub:(..The 3 days in Bangalore were the best days of my IV. So was a little disappointed while leaving to Goa, but the tax free liquors really lighted the 100 watt bulb on my face:)..We were planning to recreate a 'Dil Chahta Hai', but our plans were ruined by time shortage. As soon as we checked in our hotel, we jumped into the swimming pool. We stayed near the Colvo beach. After 6 we all went down to the beach.  Our eyes and neck really got strained due to the girl collection over there. We even had a football match where our batch girls joined too. At night our rooms were like liquor shops. Almost 25 in our batch got drunk that day(including the buji's):)..I still remember me and Faiz bought a lot of Bacardi Breezers, when the beverage shop was about to close. Even Faiz locked Preeja Miss in her room. Everyone had a hell of hangover the next day, but unwillingly got up to pack up for our return. In one day we had to visit the remaining six beaches in Goa. The last day was not at all good, even the river cruise didn't pull up much excitement. When we checked out of hotel, i still had a Smirnoff Vanilla with me. Since it was very risky to keep with me, i drunk it just before entering the very famous Bom Jesus Basilica. It was funny to walk around the church after getting drunk and almost felt like getting inside St Xavier's casket. At night we boarded the train to Trivandrum. The last day was fully dedicated to music sessions by Kishor, Manu, Prarthana and all.

It was really boring to attend the lectures after two weeks of total celebration. Soon i got into a verbal spat with one of my close friends as he mistook one of my comments during IV. Some tried to solve it, but he wasn't ready to hear. I still believe that some idiots really played a shrewd game in between. I didn't try to solve it as my part was clean and from there onwards i kept a good distance from my classmates. But my friends in mechanical branches(especially Production) gave me good support. From then i was famous as 'a cs student who studies in mechanical'. The rest of the 5th semester days were spend in theatres. Soon the project evaluation day came, and we got our project ready on the previous day only(that too incomplete):)..During our evaluation the teacher found that we haven't coded a single line of the program and said me and Kishor are never going to be good boys in life(luckily she didn't make us under sessional). For second series i got a good '0' for Soniya Miss's subject. Soon our 4th semester results came, and it was very much better than the previous one's. The 5th semester exams soon started and it was kinda bad. I still remember writing a fucking Microprocessor exam on my 21st Birthday, which i haven't passed till now:(..Soon after the exams our dearest friend Prasanth discontinued his course. He was the best in our batch, but never got any support from our college in anyway. But because of that he now runs a successful web designing company in Bangalore. We were sure that the sixth semester was going to be the worst of all, but we weren't ready to have a change.

Sixth Semester

I would really term the sixth semester as the 'worst semester' of my engineering life. But in some aspects, it turned out to be excellent for me. The subjects were really tough one's, the toughest among all the semesters. During the mini project university exam, our external examiner commented that our project is too small and it can't be even named as a mini project. I think i haven't attended even 60% of classes during this semester. Except a few like Kishor, Kanju, Melvin, Aswin etc, i kept a good distance from others. So it was very boring to sit in the classes. So i used to cut all the classes and sit near the coffee shop. Most of the time mechanical batches will be there and then i became close with Vineeth,Riaz,Aravind(Maala) etc. Many still think that i am a production pass-out. Very quickly i formed a good company with our seniors and made a gang consisting of Atul(Lutta), Sreeku(Sreejith), Zamrad, Salimkutty, Vivek, Naseel, Karnan etc. And our gang expanded as our juniors joined us, Year Outz and Purple Blood.

In this semester i became really close to Year Outz. I used to attend all their practice sessions, and i should say it was the funniest moments in my college life. Soon i was associated with our college arts club and the dance team. I didn't attend much college fests this semester. Truly saying, i wasn't interested in going for any of the fests as my classmates will be there(those i didn't like to talk with). All the interesting moments of this semester were produced by our coffee shop gang. The main shocking news for all of us was the marriage of a junior girl to a renowned singer. After that we changed our focus to other girls too. The main talk of our college was about the 'mech rani'. Some days we have stared at her like anything, but still she didn't bother to change and 100% entertainment was always guaranteed for us:)

Coming to Year Outz, their first performance of the year was at Crossroads'09. The team consisted of Anand, Anoop, Sabarish, Archit, Aswin, Unni and Babu(Purple Blood guitarist). Since they had a mask on their face, everyone escaped without getting much of injuries. Soon Babu left the team as he was busy with his concerts, and it left us with a new job to find another dancer. Luckily we got a guy from 1st year, who later became one of the integral part of the team..Sidharth..our own sidhu. At first he talked to us with a junior's respect and in two days we were like best friends. That year the team holi was focussed on Sidhu. After the disastrous performance in Crossroads, we decided to practice well and perform in the best way. As usual practice sessions became talking sessions. We even got into a spat with some first year team who used our classroom for practice without any prior request. Aswin(Sundan) turned into his psycho nature and called some exceptional Malayalam words  which no girl can tolerate. At last Gautham from first year came to apolgise for them, and soon he joined in our company. Eventually we won second prize for Aufait and third for Yagna'09. The performance in LBS remains unforgettable as the team played with high spirit and coordination after seeing the girls around there and a huge support from our college. It was almost like performing in SCT college. It turned out to be a great year for the team. Anoop(Chegu), Anand(Machan)and Arun AS were my best friends in team. Saying about Anoop, he can be termed as a 'stylish' or a cute dancer and a guy with one of the best humor sense. By the end of that semester i formed a good friendship with Nandu(NGB), Akshay and Ashwin(Thalli). At the same time, Purple Blood was gaining a good reputation among all the Kerala bands and proved they are among the top bands by winning first for Western Orchestra at NIT Ragam'09. Our college dance team secured the first place in all fests conducted across Kerala, Dhoom Pro being the most prestigious one. I really felt ashamed of our students cold response to Dhoom victory, when they celebrate like anything for silly cricket and football match victory.

The academic activities in this semester turned out to be a total disaster. I don't think i passed for any subjects for series exams. I was totally out of touch with books and my classmates. From this semester i started bunking lab classes like anything. If my mechanical batch mates,seniors, Year Outz, Purple Blood etc weren't there, my life would have been an utter disaster. In between i won first for short story writing for Nimantra, a fest conducted in our college by Biotechnology department. That really bought me back to writing field, it really gave me a confidence that i can still write. I should also thank my friend Lakshmi, who always inspired and encouraged me to write. It was Arun who introduced her to me, and soon we became best friends. The 5th semester results were soon announced and the result wasn't good this time too. I failed in some subjects which i thought i will pass easily, that really disappointed me. I don't want to mention much about the 6th semester exams as it still remains as a nightmare for me. The labs were even more difficult. We were able to copy the program for Software Lab, but left the Microprocessor Lab in 30 minutes:)..The most sad thing was that Lutta&batch got passed out. They were simply the best best seniors i ever had. Even though it was a terrible semester, i tried to enjoy in my own ways. Leaving all those bad days behind, i got ready for our final year..To be a super senior..To rock the final days of my college!

                                                                                                                             To be continued..