Days In Heaven: The Final Curtain Call


3 years went like 3 seconds..And finally we became the super seniors! After the 3rd year disaster, somehow i wanted my college life to get over fast. But at the same time, i was enjoying my position as a final year student. I was very happy when i was selected as the executive member of arts club, as i always wished to something innovative for college. Soon as the classes started, we were asked to prepare the seminar and project topics. The seminar dates were soon published and i was asked to take on the 4th week. I didn't take much effort to search topics in net, as i got the topic and even the full report from my senior in Mar Baselios. The subjects were boring as usual, but since it was our last year we enjoyed to the core. Playing cards in class time was our time pass, 2 teams were always ready with cards and touchings:)..Almost all the teachers came to know about this, but was fed up of advising us. The seminar sessions were really hilarious. When one of our gang member was on stage, we used do all kind of pranks to distract them. I should say my topic 'IBM Bluegene' was really vast and had to do a great research on that. It was the for the first time i deeply studied a computer related topic! As the seminar day approached i got deeply teased as i was going to present something on stage after a long long time. Came to college neatly dressed, but i lost my shirt buttons and got screwed half hour before the presentation. But our dearest kanju came as my Saviour as he gave his sizzling shirt for me:)..My tension was at peak and almost felt doing what Hari did before his viva in 'Five Point Someone', but didn't want to make a mess after consuming vodka. Luckily my presentation went quite fine. My friends tried to distract me in many ways, but i just concentrated on my notes and presentation slides. I never knew i could speak English such fluently. I should really thank god for not bringing Yearoutz anywhere near my class, else my seminar would have turned to utter disaster!

The main attraction of 7th semester was the Onam strikes. Usually the week before Onam holidays are completely meant for celebrations, but last time staff decided to have series exams on that week and the last 2 days for celebrations. The final year students were completely against it and soon had a talk with principal and staff. But they hesitated to shift the exams and as usual we called for strike. It was after a long time i participated in a strike and it was really exciting. We had strike for continuous 3 days and finally staff decided to suspend the classes. But we moved forward with our celebrations. Finally we had Onam celebrations for 3 days, the first time in college history. Only problem was that many of the students started celebrating Onam holidays as soon as the college got suspended, especially the first years. Anyways the last Onam in college wasn't bad as we gained it after a hard fight. The athapookkalam's were stunning as usual. The college reopened to witness a bad day for our year. There was a clash between SFI and some final year students which really widened the split more open. It was followed by strike, small fights and ended in police lathi charge. And i got a chance to be chased by police officials, due to which i was able to see the entire college for the first time in 3 years:)..I never knew our college had this much area and labs at the backside. The issues were soon solved by the concerned police authorities as it may affect the future of everyone. This fight also  resulted in a split between S7 and S5.

The project presentations were funny as usual. Our topic wasn't even decided at the time of presentation. As a result of that our group got a good '0' for the first two presentations. The last presentation gifted us some marks to save our face. The series exams were better when compared to sixth semester, but as usual i flunked in majority of the exams. As usual i bunked majority of the classes and sat in production class or spend my time with yearoutz. By the time there was a talk like i spend most of the time with juniors (yearoutz), but i didn't care that as they were better than my class and many of the friends in my batch. Throughout this semester i stayed away from alcohol:)..I still remember an incident that happened during diwali. My friend Abilash was watching Daddy Cool in theatre and he got a call from college. Surprisingly it was our own Baby Sir. We all laughed a lot after hearing what sir requestes.."innu diwali aanennu ariyallo..dayavu cheythu pandathepole akramam onnum kanikkallu..campusinte purathu vechu enthu veno aayikko, but akathu onnum pottikkalle":)..The crackers we bought were taken over by Balachandran Sir, but we soon took it back from him without his permission. After the college was set in fire for sometime. Last diwali in college was special! Soon the S6 results came, and it was the worst result that anyone can get in their engineering life. CS and EC had the worst results that time, the mech's escaped as usual. After the results were announced, i felt very much relaxed as there was nothing worst to come. But it really motivated me to study well for S7 exams. So our second last semester soon came to end without much celebrations or complications, should say it was very average. Finally Baby Sir left our college after getting many bitter experiences and Chandramohan Sir took charge. My preparations for university exams went in vain as i had no text book or notes to study. So in between the exam day gap(just 1 between all exams), i used to get the text photocopy and notes from Kishor. So wrote all the exams with less preparation. But for the last 3 exams i almost took 8-9 extra sheets, i felt like crying after the exams. Finally after the lab examination, we got ready to enter into S8..the final 3 months in our college life..the days which are to be celebrated and will never come back!


The Final Days

After the dreadful sixth semester, somehow i wanted my college life to get over. The attitude didn't change much in the last semester too, but decided to celebrate the final days. Luckily this time majority of the teachers  were guest lecturers. I didn't attend much classes till the x'mas holidays. After the new year i started attending the classes. Among the 4 new teachers, 2 were beautiful and no wonder i soon got a crush on them, but this was the case of whole class too. Since i used to bunk most of the classes, my roll number was in their hit list. Soon i made good company with them and started leaving the class after giving my attendance. So i got sure that in this semester there won't be any problem regarding attendance and sessionals.

I can't never forget my last birthday in college as i was received with birthday bumps and punches. Soon i had to give treat for my gang, which made me stand in beverage queue after a long time(pappanamcode beverages). Since i wanted to get back home for my next party, i preferred to have a beer. Some members of yearoutz were given treat at Tazz and also a small treat for my classmates. The next phase of treat was for my schoolmates and college mates(my first year best friends forever). That also started by standing in Kesavadasapuram Beverage queue:)..Had a small booze party at Anwar's hostel, where i had the taste of Mansion House Brandy. After getting drunk, we went straight to Park Rajadhani where rest of the team were waiting to join us. Actually it was supposed to be a buffet dinner, but i don't know what all happened that day. Some of my friends broke the ice-cream dish, one went inside the ladies toilet to wash, one was made gay in front of some other college students(those guys believed it!), one vomited in front of the hotel and so on..Truly an unforgettable birthday of my life. For completing out project in time, we had leave on all Friday's. But i should say i haven't went for this project stuff even once. My project day were spend in my favorite 'Billiards Cafe', Kowdiar Boat Club, theatres etc. I used to got to my friend's hostel just 1 or 2 days before the presentation, and he used to teach me in a capsule form. I haven't coded a single line in our 'Paperless Office' project, which is considered to be one the simplest one. The routine continued till our final presentation! The Holi celebration was excellent as usual. This time our class celebration photo got published in The Hindu newspaper. In between many of my friends and classmates got placed and i was really happy for Abhay, Kishor, Manu, Vishnu etc.

Talking about the juniors, there were some good gals in the first year. I shortlisted 2-3 gals and wanted to propose to at least one of them (that was going to be my first proposal in college life). Somehow my batch mates came to know about this. They wanted me to propose as soon as possible, but they problem was that i haven't even talked to her till then. Another great problem was she belonged to EC, that too always sits in the front bench. So i went to meet her with my gang(almost 20-30 friends from mech and ec). The meeting went very smooth as my friends were busy with other girls. She talked very well and her charming smile made me more attracted to her. The very next day my gang wanted me to propose her. I said its not good to propose a gal whom i just met yesterday. Soon came the reply.."aliya, ninte pennu ennu paranjal nammude ennalle..innu nammal ellarum koodi avale propose cheyyum..aval yes paranjal pinne nammude pennu aayi":)..I was very much tensed when i entered the EC class. I called her to talk, but she refused to come as she was busy drawing graphics sheets. Finally with all my courage i proposed her! I was expecting a slap, but she replied with a smile.."chetta..enikku anganeyonnum ippol thonnunilla". I understood there was no use in talking with her, i left swiftly by saying a 'Thank You' (god's grace..she didn't slap me). She really got scared after seeing my friends. From the very next day my very best friends started spreading stories about me. Those who reads this, please keep two things while going to propose a girl..1. Don't ever go with your friends..2. Never love a girl from EC class!

Our college finally decided to conduct a single fest. The decision from staff came very late so that we had very limited time to work. In between there happened a lot of issues in committee between SFI and S8 regarding the posts and all. At one point we even felt like the fest was never going to happen. For this too, Vishnu was there to lead us. I was in charge of star nite and i really wanted to conduct a concert of Naresh Iyer with Stephen Devassy, but it got cancelled due to Barton Hill's concert(Naresh performed there a week before our star nite). So i left all those plans and was made charge of dance section. The fest happened due to the hardwork of S8 and many juniors who worked for us throughout(not mentioning any names as it will become a long list). The fest was named Sprdh'10 which means competition or war. We had a good amount of participation for technical events. We had to cancel many cultural events due to less participation (Paacet festival was another reason). The choreo video,step up and the star nite's were successfully conducted. I can't never forget Anand's solo performance which really thrilled the crowd. Even though Sprdh wasn't a huge success, it really set a platform for the coming years. In limited time and limited budget we were able to conduct it without any major issues. I take this chance to thank everyone for their whole hearted support and especially to Vishnu for his leadership which always inspired us!

Soon after Sprdh, the last week of our college life commenced. The week was meant for celebrations, demo, emotional scenes, proposals, love scenes and all. That week witnessed four demo's from Mech and EC classes. The theme of mechanical branch was..'aaru paranju mechil sundarimar illa ennu?'..It had a lot of vulgarity as there was French kiss in public, but everyone enjoyed the demo. It was not surprising to find sir's losing their control after seeing these demo's. All the demo's were excellent(i was with production and mechanical classes). There were party's all around during the last working day. So after a long time i entered our college after drinking and attended a music session with my class and sreemon. The sad part was as all our celebrations were going to end in a fine note, a fight happened between S8 and SFI. It really remains as a black mark in our college life. Soon the second and our last series started. I got good marks for first series as the teacher's gave the questions in advance, even then i failed for two. The last series was funny as we just wrote our name and roll number on the sheets. Our class demo was on the last day of series exams, as we all wore same design t-shirts(including girls) with our IV picture on the centre and surrounded by writings which depicts our engineering life. It was really emotional signing and writing on the t-shirts, taking photographs, our class unitedly getting out in 5 minutes for the last exam (for which we had to write the retest)!



Ragam was always a special fest for our college. Somehow i wanted to attend  last year ragam, but finaly ended as the team leader(a very proud moment of my life!). Perhaps i will be the only person who took the least number of students for participating in this. We had just some 26 members in our team(6 girls) and was escorted by Arshad ikka(as staff). The train journey to Calicut was funny because of Balan's 'saawariya' song and yearoutz's pranks. Among the 5 year gals, i had only good company with Aparna. We didn't participate in much events but got prizes in almost all events we participated. The very special one being Anand's 1st prize in solo dance as he took the whole of NIT by his sizzling moves. We can never ever forget Sreemon's sound check where he sang the title song of Jungle Book and got many fans there with his guitar magic.We had to wait till midnight 1 to watch yearoutz performing in OAT and a special mention to the duplicate performance by Karthika and Navneeta. The moments i remember the most will be my farewell party and the treat by Akshay. The day we reached NIT, i gave my farewell party to yearoutz where Romanov was the hero. Chegu(Anoop) was the real hero as he danced well after we finished the bottle and even spitted some beautiful Malayalam words on Arshad ikka:)..After that everyone wanted to have a fight with a guy who came with us, but luckily nothing bad happened. The team(excluding yearoutz) left after two days leaving us the responsibility to collect the cash and certificates. While getting ready for check out, buckets,mugs etc which they gave us were found missing, so we have to pay fine for that. But we being sctians, stole those from other rooms and produced at hospitality wing:)..Soon Faiz joined with us and that day we had a great party at Paragon Hotel. The next party happened when we boarded the train back to Trivandrum. There was enough food for us to eat till reaching here, but don't ask from where the money came from:)..Altogether it was an amazing trip..The last Ragam will remain always special, especially since it was with yearoutz!


After coming back, i had to write 6 retests! Luckily all the texts were with me, so had no difficulty in passing those exams. The same happened with lab exams too as we had theory and objective exams, me and Kishor opened the texts and copied everything. So this time sessionals were safe. And let me take this opportunity to introduce my best friend, as she really deserves to be mentioned in my blog. It took me 4 years to find my best friend Megha, and finally when i found out, my college life was over:(..But no regrets as she will be my best friend forever. The very next week we had our project presentation. Ours was the first presentation and it went quite fine as the teacher's were not evaluating it seriously. So the major headache got over. In two weeks time final year exams started. Those idiots still prepared some difficult question papers for us and many got fucked up. When the university exams got over, next tension was about project&course viva(it was heard that if we fail in that, we have to write all the core papers from S3!). But that also went quite fine. Our external was the HOD of LBS college, and the first question she asked me was "supply undo?"!!! The viva went on for some 10-15 minutes and we had a hilarious time as the external clearly found out i haven't did any part in my project and nor did i have any knowledge about my seminar and subjects:)..So the official business with college got over by usual supply season continued!

I do love to mention some people who means a lot to me, whom i loved and respected and  made my life beautiful in SCT. Namely Anitha Miss, Sabitha Miss, Vineetha Miss, Kavita Miss, Sivakumar Sir, Vishnu Chettan(jacky), Vivek(dinky), Sooraj Chettan, Lutta, Arshad Ikka, Sreeku, Salimkutty, Naseel Ikka, Vivek, Zam, Karnnan, Abhay, Raymond, Arun SL, Vijayanand, Harikuttan, Kishor, Kanju, Manu, Aswin(CS&Auto), Ebin, Vishnu, Vineeth, Production team, Yearoutz Team(Anoop, Akshay, Arun, Nandu, Abi, Archit, Anand, Aswin, Ashwin, Sid, Vysakh, Gautham, Deepu, Hari, Unni, Sab, Vishnu, Harrik ), Purple Blood Team, Megha, Bhagii, Neema, Karthika, Ganga and thanks a lot to all my friends there (sorry if i missed any name). And this blog won't be complete without mentioning about my friend and editor Lakshmi(LPG), without whom i won't have started writing again..Never have seen such an inspiring soul in my life!

Epilogue: I will be known as a CS student who studied in Mechanical Production, as a guy who never entered the class and hanged out with mechanical teams, unfriendly to own class or as a student who spend most of the time with juniors and seniors and ignored batch mates..I don't care those who say about me as above all i loved my college like anything..I loved my friends..SCT taught me to drink, smoke, gave me supply's, gave different experiences in my life..But gifted me with a lot of true and loving friends, which i treasure the most in my life! As once Sreeku said to me.."oru varsham koodi kittiyirunnel"..I wish i could get just one more day there..i miss those strikes, playing cards in class, those coffee shop chats, practice sessions, comment and vayanottam sessions with my friends..Many of my friends are now doing higher studies in different parts of India, many started working and many are about to join and some may be simply sitting at home(like me) or engaged in other activities..all those will have one thing in common..I am sure they all will be missing our college like anything..If not, there is no use in saying that you are an sctian..SCT, i really miss you..Will be a proud sctian forever!!!


Love to quote a line from a famous song by Bryan Adams.."Those were the best days of my life"!