My IFFK Diary

One whole week Trivandrum was in a festive mood. Everyone used to wake up with the hope of seeing more and more beautiful films, meeting new people, having film chats over a cup of tea etc. Now everything has gone missing as IFFK 16 (International Film Festival of Kerala) came to an end yesterday. Even though the festival was full of controversies and troubles, I really enjoyed as it was my first one. But compared to last years, the movies weren’t of that quality and the organizing was also weak. Fortunately I got the chance to watch some of the better movies in the festival. Among them I was very much impressed by the Syrian film ‘Damascus with Love’. That was a film which really  amused me, I was too happy after watching it. Should say it’s one of the best movies I watched in recent times. Thanks to my friend Anu Mohan for choosing that movie. The other films which I liked were The Painting Lesson, The Cat Vanishes, A Seperation, Lucky, Together etc. My opinion was that ‘The Painting Lesson’ (which got the audience award) should have been awarded the ‘Suvarna Chakoram’. It doesn’t mean that ‘The Colors of the Mountains’ was bad, but I found the other movie better. Among the Indian movies, I got the chance to see ‘Delhi in a Day’ and ‘Akam’ (the only Malayalam movie I saw). Meeting Prashant Nair (director of Delhi) was one of the best experiences of film festival. I really got proud when he said he’s waiting to watch ‘Adaminte Makan Abu’ as he was getting rave reviews about this movie from everyone. Please do understand that people from other parts of the world value Malayalam films a lot, whereas what about our own audience? ‘Akam’ based on Malayattoor’s ‘Yakshi’ was a good attempt from Shalini Usha Nair. But the audiences were showing their class by making all sorts of noises and comments. I still wonder why these people discourage Malayalam movies while they sit with pin drop silence for an offbeat movie from any other language.
Damascus with Love

I should thank my friends Vishnu Raghav, Anu Mohan, Jyotish etc for making this IFFK a memorable one. It was really a stage for me to meet new people from different sectors. Not to forget meeting a beautiful gal after watching Akam movie. The way she waved me a ‘hi’ will remain as one of the unforgettable moments of IFFK. And if you people say to pick a movie, I would definitely go with ‘Damascus with Love’. I can’t explain how beautiful that movie is, you have to watch it and get the visual delight. Do try to watch it soon! I may have missed some of the best movies this time, but I don’t regret as whatever I saw didn’t let me down. Everyday there was protests and fights at the main venue which really made me remember about my college. Hope next year the film festival will be better in every way than this time, being free from all controversies and issues. And we can sincerely hope that the venue won’t be shifted to Calicut, which will definitely create chaos. 

The Painting Lesson


Out of Frustration

I always expected a time where food, water and petrol would cost more than liquor. When I joined college in 2006 the petrol price was around Rs 35/litre. Now in 2011 the price has climbed over Rs 70/litre and it’s obvious that the price will increase only. Even the Kerala High Court urged the people to raise their voice against the frequent petrol price hike. Now it’s heard that the petroleum companies are going to hike again in a few days time! The case is not different with food items too. Already our state is depending on states like Tamil Nadu for many of the food items (like vegetables, fruits etc) which where once abundant in Kerala. And if the price goes up for the food stuffs too, our common people will face a great economic crisis. Don’t be surprised if in future people start consuming beer only which costs around Rs 55 or even less (more economic than petrol and many food items).

Many people joined with Anna Hazare fighting against corruption, but where are these people when price rise is troubling the whole nation? Every week there will be a Harthal or Bharath Bandh protesting against price hike or some government policies. The only benefits of such activities are like students get a day off, exams are postponed, offices are closed etc; you people are again harming our people only, we are not benefiting anything from this. Its better all political parties and organizations stop conducting harthals, we are really fed up of this political showoff. No one will protest or conduct bandhs if price of liquor is hiked; everyone is ready to spend more and more on this (Kerala being first in liquor consumption). Our country being a democratic one, it’s high time where all citizens should unite and protest against all the activities which are against the welfare of common man. In Facebook there was a funny picture asking who will reach 100 first, petrol or Sachin Tendulkar? Don’t be surprised if our master blaster comes second in this!

Now back to Kerala where a psycho is threatening the good name of Malayalam Film Industry. I still wonder why our people are giving such importance to people like Santhosh Pandit! I know even my friends are going to watch his film for a belly laugh, making fun of him or shout all the bad words when his face is displayed on the screen; but by doing this we all are actually encouraging him. What I understood is that he is really a genius; the original fools are we people only. We view, share his videos in social networking sites in order to make fun or insult him. Unfortunately he’s getting paid for the these stuffs and actually he had recovered the production cost of movie even before its release, whatever he’s getting now is just profit which any other Malayalam movie can’t dream off these days! It’s sad that our media and people are giving unwanted hype for such a person who even insulted some eminent directors of our industry. Movies like Kaiyoppu, Palerimanikyam, Melvilasom, Adaminte Makan Abu were some of the exceptional movies made in Malayalam, but these never got the recognition they deserved and our audiences are responsible for it. Everyone say good films are never made, but when they are made our audiences will itself let it down. Please do stop promoting these craps and whoever makes it even if it’s through social networking sites or in theatre. The ultimate loss will be for our film industry only. Our film industry is considered as the best by many in India which got its name through our legendary directors, scriptwriters, actors etc. We can hope that our industry will remain the way it is and never reach a state where it’s identified on such people’s name! 

A photo from Facebook

PS: Whatever written above is just from my viewpoint. Many may have different perspectives on this, please do feel free to express your views.


Coffee @ SCT

Friends sit over a cup of coffee and chat for a long time. But what if a team of good friends were formed just because of a coffee shop? That’s what SCT college presented me with. Those who have been to SCT would know the coffee shop in the front of main block, for others I should say it’s the best place to have a chat in college. The shop started three years back and soon it got into the limelight of whole college, soon it was named as CCD(College Coffee Day). The gang which I was referring to was formed our dear seniors like Lutta, Sreeku, Salimkutty, Rasika, Vivek, Naseel, Zam etc. I was so fortunate to join the team soon followed by rest of the members of YODC. We had a permanent seating near the shop in such a way that we were able to see everyone who goes in or out of the college. We used to bunk majority of the classes and meet over there, never got bored sitting there even for a whole day! Our favorite pastime was to discuss about college gossips, comment on most of the gals passing by, making fun of each other in the team or playing pranks on them etc.

The context for this article happened 3-4 days back when we had a reunion back at our favorite spot, the only difference being we are pass outs now. It was Sreeku who took the initiative for the meeting which had Archit, Abi, Balan, Sab, Sid etc but we missed many like Lutta, Chegu, Salimkutty, Arshad Ikka, Sundan, Machan and many. This event took place during university exams; even we had a role in the university exam festival! It was strange; in fact, sad to find that now most of our juniors are bookworms. We used to make all sorts of mess before the exams, but now the scene is just like that of a typical management college. I’m sure that many students would have wondered why these pass outs were coming back and making all sorts of troubles! But we were excited to be back, it was an awesome feeling. Discussing our old stories over a cup of coffee is a hearty feeling which gets doubled when we make a person pay the whole bill for our food! The only sad thing is that the new batches got a lot of good gals; campus really got filled with cherries and mulberries. We were wondering where these were when we were studying. We had this black&white movie for four years, now it’s like a glamorous movie with 3D effect. Our only consolation was the ones like ‘Mech Rani’, but there too we had to compete with the whole college! Still we passed all sorts of comments on the new gals and made our team’s mark which was so satisfying like placing our flag on moon! As Sreeku says, we all still got a nice feeling when we come back to college. We really miss college at times..Miss the great times with our friends. For all those students out there I wanna say one thing..When you go back to college as a pass out, ‘Missing’ or ‘Nostalgia’ should be the feeling that should come to your mind. Don’t ever let the feeling ‘Regret’ rule you after college days. Enjoy the rest of days to maximum!


Journey as a Writer!

It's been long since I wrote something. Well I was pretty busy with some written works, so just took a gap from blogging. Still now I haven't got a topic or story to write, so this will be a very casual blog. I am happy to inform you all that my blog is completing its second year on coming 21st. Still can't believe I wrote continuously for two years that too without boring you people! Firstly I should thank my dear friend Lakshmi for bringing me back to writing that too during engineering 3rd year, which was the worst year of my college life. Her support was the main reason why at least some people recognize me as a good writer, thanks a lot my dear pal! Then to Sidharth who encouraged me from the beginning. He also gave me some writing tips which I think helped me to improve. The only sad thing is that still he is too lazy to write; we are losing a very good writer! Back to my blog, I’m too excited to say that total blog views are approaching the grand 10,000 mark! Among the views my first article ‘Thoovanathumbikal’ and ‘Remembering Monisha’ tops the list. All blogs are dear to me, but these two holds a special place in my heart along with all the blogs about my college life.

I hope I will be able to continue entertaining all of you with my writing. I want to present more and more interesting articles, same time I have to move on with my written articles to achieve what I desire the most..To publish a book! Hope everything will work out as I hope. I feel too proud when people address me as a writer because that’s what I love to hear always in this life. This blog will be incomplete if I forget to mention some of the important persons in my life who have always been my support. Thanks to my team YODC (especially Chegu, Balan, Abi, Archit, Prabhu), Megha, Shabnam, Nandini (my editor too), Karthika, Ganga, Aparna, Neethu, Karnan, Chintoo, Aswathy, Monu, Deepal, Sarath, Divya, Shamin, Nipin, Jai, Naveen, Tarun, Anwar, Vinay Devi etc for the immense support always! I will be back with an interesting article soon..Till then you all take care and have a superb Diwali next week.


You've got an idea?

Boys only frame creative ideas when they fall for a gal..Right? These ideas never popup while we are attending a tuff examination or some important matters in life, we leave the result to god or console by thinking that we will do better in the next chance. I have helped many of my friends with my crooked ideas, but majority of the cases ended up in deep trouble. Interestingly all these happened during my school days  where I had a bunch of superb friends like Nipin, Soorya, Althaf, Anwar, Jai, Tarun, Girish and many more. But this story revolves around me, Nipin, Soorya and also Althaf in guest role. School days are really the springtime of our life and this happened during our 10th standard, the first hurdle in any student’s life.

I had a very interesting time then just because of my affair with Diya. There were too many rumors about us and it was my idea to utilize the situation well, with the support of Nipin. While I was having a romantic time in class, Nipin and Soorya were busy making plans to get committed. Interestingly they both loved the same gal! The most risky factor was that she happened to be our teacher’s daughter, Vidya. We purposefully chose Soorya as the leader of our class so that our gang will be protected from all punishments especially from our principal, but our vice leader Jinu favored the teachers.  ‘The deserving gets Vidya’..This was the deal between Nipin and Soorya and their entire time was devoted for making plans for impressing her. Soorya came up with the most brilliant idea while Nipin was still referring many movies and books for his success. In spite of the enmity, Soorya decided to befriend Jinu who was Vidya’s best friend, so that he can make a relation soon. I must say Nipin was disappointed with this move as he feared that Soorya was going to hit the jackpot..But I and Althaf were annoyed with Soorya for the stupid idea; we didn’t like Jinu at all! Days after that were as funny as Nipin used to make fights with Soorya, but he went ahead with his plans. This was the time I used to enjoy with Diya because I had no disturbances. After some days we happened to see Soorya in a gloomy expression as if he lost his balls! The reason made us laugh like anything, but in between I was thinking what exactly did Nipin do for this to happen?

“I fell in love with Jinu”...This was what Soorya had to tell us! We laughed even more while we happened to see his annoyed face. Nipin started celebrating like anything and Soorya was screwed forever. Life always takes unexpected curves; maybe her curves impressed Soorya more! Anyways it was love time for him and they pretended like the new Raj and Simran. As these all happened Nipin was in cloud nine and was busy formulating the most innovative idea (he still says so). He started talking more to Jinu as that she always sat near her; I loved to watch the reactions on Soorya’s face that time. Nipin being one of the funniest guys in our class had a belief that gals get impressed by comedy. He started his comedy sessions during lunch that too not allowing Soorya to romance properly. Two three days passed and he was really pleased with the progress. One day after the so-called hilarious session, Soorya talked to him.

“You think Vidya got impressed by your witty skills”?

“What happened”? Nipin asked with this ever innocent expression.

“Your plan worked out. But the one who got impressed was Anu, the gal sitting next to her. I think she is in love with you”. I could see the cunning smile on Soorya’s face when he said this.

I couldn't stop laughing as he said this. Nipin’s face went red as if his girlfriend got pregnant by someone else! I can imagine what was going through his mind then..Even I will get scared if a gal with alien face and size zero figure (may be even less) starts looking me, I may rather stop loving ‘Love’! And his path to Vidya ended there tragically. From then he didn’t even look at the gal’s row as he was scared of witnessing ‘Species’ movie in small screen. By the end of December, I broke up with Diya. That relation should have been ended early, now I feel so. Soorya’s affair too broke up soon after our 10th which I was expecting anytime, a sad ending to new Raj and Simran! Althaf was a silent witness to all these but supported his best friends always.

Now after 7 years we are still having the ‘Single’ tag which I feel is the best status a boy can have. Soorya is now busy trying to make a name among the business giants. Nipin is still in search of her, but not yet successful even though she is in Trivandrum itself! All our ideas didn’t become successful, yet we enjoyed those moments..Still we laugh a lot saying about this!


Friendship: A Bliss

My inbox has been flooded with ‘Friendship Day’ messages from the 30th of July. In fact I was surprised when I got all these messages too early as we always used to celebrate it on the first Sunday of august. I think now it’s the right time to wish everyone! So what’s the plan for tomorrow? In Trivandrum, the most happening places will be the hotspots like Ambrosia, CCD etc. I wish not to get into any of these, but I am unsure as my friends may drag me in! I wish to celebrate it very peacefully with my close friends in a very calm manner; maybe we will have a get together at a place where we get enough privacy to have our own style of celebrations!

Friends are always an integral part of our life. I won’t have achieved anything without the support of my friends, especially when it comes to writing. I was always to have some great friends in my life starting from my school life to now. I always believed that I won’t ever get good friends in college, as my school friends were that awesome, especially our gang which included 3rd rank holder in 2010 GATE examination (Instrumentation). But I was proved wrong when I found out some great in college; majority of them belonged to other branches of my batch. But I saw...Maybe the college saw the meaning of friendship through YODC! I could never forget those guys who loved each other without any senior-junior distinction. I am not getting into much of the details as you all know well about them from my previous blogs. Finally about my friends in ‘Billiards CafĂ©’…Many may say that it’s just a place for the guys to play snooker, meet and smoke and do all other stuffs. But believe me, it’s a place where you can get some really good friends, who will stand with you for anything and everything! It’s one of the best places in Trivandrum. Many of my friends from school and college are not here now, and I want to tell that I miss you all very much…At times I wish you people were here, to do again all the funny  and naughty stuffs we used to do..To have a total blast again!

Most probably I will start the day with watching any of the friendship movies.  Coming to the movies, I always loved to watch these kinds of movies. Ironically most of those movies have Aamir Khan in the lead... ’Dil Chahta Hai’ is one movie that I love to watch again and again, same case with ‘Rang De Basanti’ and ‘3 Idiots’! Also I love the first three parts of American Pie, Hangover etc whose story got some resemblance with my life! These movies really make us remember about the good times we had. But I believe more unforgettable moments yet to happen in all our lives. I wonder whether the system of giving cards and tying friendship bands still exist with the same intensity as majority celebrate this day in one SMS conveying a friendship day wish. I still love to see those cards and bands among the people as I still continue to do it! For now, cherish your beautiful friends and the moments you had with them. Even if you lose your lover, don’t ever lose a good friend. The value of a friend will be only realized in his/her absence. I wish all my dear friends and everyone a very Happy Friendship Day!

Before concluding this article, I would love to share some interesting comments made by my friends.

Devi Priya

"I don't agree that only a boy can be a gal's best friend. Definitely a boy and girl can be really good friends all through their life! I personally believe that in some cases the limits are being crossed, happens with those who doesn't know the sanctity of a god given relationship. But there are many genuine incredible relationships that are strongly bonded!"

Vinay Chandran
"Friendship in IT industry is like anywhere else. There isn't much difference from elsewhere, good relations do exist as well as double faced one's."

Vishnu Raghav

"There is nothing wrong in loving your best friend. First of all we never plan and fall in love. And if it's your best friend, chances of falling in love are more!"

Lakshmi P Gopal
"Campus has always refined the contours of friendship. Though it was just our friends in early years, now it's our friends, friends of friends and mutual friends! Thanks to social networking sites which has helped us to improve our database. But these days campus friendships lack the sincerity while compared to olden days, but one can never wipe out the possibility of goodness..After all that's what is long term friendship." 

Nidhin Radhakrishnan
"I always loved friendship movies. Among them 'Rang De Basanti' is my all time favorite. I don't know why i love this movie so much..Maybe it depicted the real depth of true friendship!" 

(PS: This article is written from my point of view, based on my experiences. I thank everyone who helped me in writing this one :) )

Emotional Atyachar

First of all I would like to thank Archit for helping me choose this title. From my previous blogs it’s clearly understood how close I’m with YODC(Year Outz Dance Crew) and the closeness within the team. Our team has always given great importance to friendship and that make us emotional now. The source for this blog happens to be a get together which took place at Akshay’s (Tp) house two days back. Before telling about the emotional scenes I would like to write about the ‘Marapaalam House’ which was our 'second home' for the past few years!

Tp’s house has witnessed all the funniest and naughtiest moments of YODC! It ranges from practice sessions to chatting sessions (mainly scandals), cricket games, late night parties etc. We hardly had time for practice as most of the time was spend on chats, making fun of Machan, Chegu’s comic comments etc. Maybe Sid and Balan had the best time doing all sorts of naughty tricks there. The party times were in fact the best we had in our college life especially the one after our ‘Dhoom’ performance! I still remember how perfectly the guys danced at night after the vodka shots which even made Machan cry! Hearing ‘Iktara’ made Chegu remember about his lost love and was finally seen with eyes closed and speakers inside his ears. Lutta won’t ever forget that night as he witnessed the ‘fashion show’ organized by Balan and not to forget Sundan’s airplane after getting drunk. For the next party we even had a ‘floral arrangement’ by Balan. I still remember what Chegu said to me next day...”To convince my parents that I wasn't drunk, I watched comedy show for one hour without laughing or moving from my seat”! Not to forget people like Abi, Gautham Jr, Thalli, Lbw, Vys, Unni etc who were always with us in all those times. For the past few days we were busy with cricket tournament there. I am proud to say that I belonged to the ’46 XI’ lead by Archit which included Chegu too.

2 days back we had a small get together there which was organized by Archit since he and Chegu are soon leaving Trivandrum for a while. Tp, Abi, Balan, Lutta, Sab, Tony Ja, Unni etc were present too. That happened to be our last get together for some time :( Archit truly made it emotional when he proposed a toast for us saying “Don’t know when we get a chance again to meet again...So let’s blast now”! I don’t know when we all will be able to have a meeting there again, but we all do love to come back there...Once more shake legs to some music...Make fun of each other...Play cricket...And to have a late night parties! YODC is gonna miss this house and those lovely moments. That house has got a story to tell everyone..The story of some great guys who turned into inseparable friends! I would love to dedicate this blog to all the YODC members and our well wishers and also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very very Happy Friendship Day in advance..Some things are never easy to get or can't be replaced, so treasure your friends always!

"Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, and somewhere in the middle we became the best of friends"



Betting was one of my favorite pastimes during school days (Christ Nagar Thiruvallom). Don’t think it was based on cricket, race or any other sports; it was all about making friendship with gals! Better to say that most of the interesting bets in my life were based on gals. But after getting into college I stopped all these, actually I lost my courage to do such adventurous things again. Here I love to share some of the most beautiful times of my school days.

It was in 6th standard my friend Shimju urged me to love Kritika. Sorry to say that during that time I was among the top 3 when comes to academics and always had a healthy competition among us, but I always emerged as the winner. So Shimju used this situation to place that bet, and as always I was ready the very next moment. Then as usual I started showing all the cheap tricks to get her attention, but all turned out to be utter failure. My best friends Girish and Nithin Thomas were always with me to help. At last I approached her close friends to help me and they agreed. Soon she understood all our planning’s and started taking a good distance from me. Days before our Christmas exams, she came to know about my love (by that time I started loving her) from one of her friends and that turned out to be a big issue. Within minutes I got a wonderful ‘No’, that too she replied through her friend. Shimju started celebrating as soon as he knew it. As like any guy I lost the interest in her very next day and started thinking whom I should love next? On exam day I purposefully avoided seeing her as I wasn’t sure how she will behave to me. Soon after the exam I came to know that she was searching for me, and I tried to hide! But actually she came to say a sorry to me, and I accepted it happily. But the next part was so shocking that she said ‘Yes’ to my proposal, I was in cloud 9 that time, but I left that spot without saying anything. I was totally surprised and confused! Later Girish and Nithin came to know about this and they urged me to talk to her. From that day my life was filled with romantic songs and dreams without knowing that the worst part was yet to come. I waited excitedly for the exam days, especially those days where we have two exams so that I could spend time with her at school corridors and buses! But in days we had to stop as some idiot informed her mom about this...That day was one of the most fucking day in my school life. After some days all the teachers came to know about this and my mother was called by the principal to talk on this! The thing was many of my friends were on a loving spree and all became big issues among teachers. Luckily I was the only one who got a positive reply to the proposal. I still remember how I and Tarun were fired by Rajasekharan Sir. I escaped these issues without much trouble just because I was good in academics. I haven’t talked with her much later. She didn’t even write the annual exam due to some health issues and I was kind of celebrating it that time. The next year she moved to our main school as her mom had no interest to leave her in my class! I easily forgot her after she left..In 8th standard we met again during annual science fair. It was again Shimju who encouraged me to talk and mend that relation. Talking with her again caused good troubles to me in school (don’t know why teachers made these big issues for talking to a gal?). I think the relation continued till 11th standard with limited meetings and phone calls. Unfortunately she was with me in SCT College too. I used to talk with her during 1st year, later avoided that too. Happy that she never came to know about the bet, I enjoyed the days with her!

The next task was a risky one as it needed the help of mobile phone. One of my junior gave me a gal’s number and asked whether I can make company with her? I happily accepted the challenge! This happened during my 11th standard and we had only these stuffs to do after getting back from school. Her name was Anu, from Thrissur and almost 3 years elder to me. After all the planning’s and calculations I called her at 10:30 night. From her ‘hello’ I understood that she was already asleep.

“Hi..I am Alex from Trivandrum..Called to make friendship with you”. This was my first dialogue to her.

“You know what the time now is? Is this the time to call a girl and ask this?" .She replied

“Sorry I made a bet with my friend and so I called you now..Thanks for talking..Goodnight”. After telling this we both said goodnight and parted.

I didn’t tell my original name as I wanted to keep my identity safe. After that many times I used to message her, but her response was so discouraging. I took an austere decision to somehow make her my friend that too she should come behind me. When we talked the next time she discouraged me saying that I am young for her, I should see her as a sister (I never saw her as a friend too), but finally agreed to be in touch with me. Later when she started contacting me I started showing all sorts of attitude, I was too happy that she came behind me! Later on she became my good friend and we used to talk and message a lot. But at a moment I had to stop all sorts of communication with her when I came to know some facts about her that too she told me. She was in love with some guy which her parents opposed. One day she went on bike ride with him and some friends and got back home very late. Her explanation to me was that she and that guy spend a lot of time in a field talking and gazing at the starry sky (god knows what happened there?). To have a girl alone at nighttime and the whole time they just talked and gazed at stars, there will be some serious problems with both! As soon as she returned home her parents locked her up in a room. From there onwards she started asking for my help, since I didn’t want to take any sort of risks I nicely escaped. After that I haven’t talked to her, don’t know where she is now..Maybe with that stargazer!

Bindiya was one superb gal I ever met in life. In 12th standard I joined Ashok Sir’s physics tuition class (night batch) in the name of entrance coaching, but mainly for entertainment sponsored by St Thomas School, Holy Angels School etc! The other factor why I joined there was Bindiya, as my friends always used to describe about her in classroom. And in tuition class the guys doesn’t use to talk much with gals as our sir was too strict and irritating. There John and Niteesh made a bet with me to make company with her, that’s what every boy in that class loves for. It wasn’t easy as she came from a girl’s only school. Unfortunately she didn’t come for our first class, and everyone started saying she shifted her batch and my plans had to be dropped. This sir had the habit of asking questions from the portions which he took the previous class, but as usual we just use to study it just before the start of class. During our second class pin drop silence struck when she came. I still remember she was in a white salwar with black stripes, but I suddenly asked Niteesh “this was the gal who you were talking about? She’s just an ordinary gal..cheyy”! But sincerely saying I couldn’t take my eyes from her for the next two hours, even my neck got a sprain turning back a lot of times. Soon I contacted my friend to get her details and he responded within sometime with all the details including her address. I luckily got her yahoo id, which didn’t benefit much at the start as she never came online. One day we both reached the tuition class at the same time, but I happened to be at the other side of the road. I crossed that road without looking at the vehicles, in fact I was running. I still don’t know how I crossed that road without being hit and had to run again to catch up with her at the stairs. Without much hesitation I talked to her, exchanged smiles and she was so nice to me. We both entered the class together, everyone was staring at me, and I had a victorious smile on my face but was happier that I got a good friend. Later on we started chatting in yahoo and all, became very good friends. She only used to talk to one guy in that class, that was me. One day she came to class directly after school. Their uniform was too superb and moreover she came in with the rain. I still remember what the head boy of Arya Central School said that time...”Oh god...She’s wet and she’s making me wet”! I should say she had the best figure in our class. No one can be blamed if they stare at her continuously, that much superb she was. In school my friends made all sorts of stories about us. Whatever activities the English teacher gave like letter writing, marriage invitation etc, and the lead characters will be us! I remember how much comments I had to tackle with when I gave my slam book to her, my friends killed me that day. The page she wrote was the best in that book! She was really my very good friend. After 12th we didn’t have much contact as she went to some other place for her graduation and is currently presuming her post graduation. But whenever we saw these years, she talked very nicely to me. Wherever she is now, I wish her the best!


Threads of Fate Intertwined

Destiny is something which gives everyone unexpected turns in life. Well I do believe in destiny as my life was always filled with unexpected happenings, both exciting and dreadful ones. Meeting Priya was one such coincidence. She happened to be my friend Nandu’s friend, who met her through Dev, another friend of mine. I have seen her only once that too we talked hardly for 10 minutes when she came to Trivandrum. Her behavior was so pleasing that it won’t take much time to get close with her. After she left we have never been in contact, but used to know about her through our mutual friends. Months passed, she even became close with my best friend Achu. I think it was in November I got a call from Achu informing about Priya’s death. That was a moment of confusion and disbelief for me..I was thinking how a person can die this soon, about whom I often hear from my friends? Priya wasn’t my best friend or so close to me like what she was to my friends, but the news was entirely shocking to me. My friends were in entirely devastated condition and I didn't know how to react to them.

Two years have passed and everyone got adjusted with the fact, but purposefully avoided talks about her as it will still make us sad. Two months back I happened to join IPS tuition class for my supplementary exams. There I met a very cool and jovial guy (I don’t want to disclose his identity here), who soon became my close pal. One day while I was scanning his mobile gallery I happened to come across the photo of a beautiful gal (my friends will say that I know almost all the gals in Kerala). Her face seemed so familiar to me and to clear my intuition I asked who she was. The gal happened to be none other than Priya. It was a bike accident that took her life and this guy was with her in the last moments. After that incident he had been struggling to get back to his life! He openly admitted to me about the accident and shared many of his memorable moments with her in our later meetings. One message he sent me the day when I realized that he was her friend quoted like “bro...I need to meet her loved ones before leaving trivandrum”! He happened to meet all her friends here, made good relation with them and moreover shared some of the beautiful memories of her.

I have seen many a time his eyes getting filled when he talks about her. But he is now a very relaxed guy. He always says it was destiny that he came to Trivandrum, joined my tuition class and met everyone who he never thought he would even talk in life. Maybe all these were planned by her, I believe so. Maybe she wanted all of us to be in touch, in a way she still lives here! I dedicate this write-up to her…A person who made many smile a lot!


It's all about being 'Y.O.D.C'!

Those who have read about my college life would have understood how close i was with Y.O.D.C(Year Outz Dance Crew) . When i write this, i feel too emotional because this may be my farewell blog to one of the best dance teams that SCT College has ever seen! Actually saying when the current final year batch gets passed out, the college will be thrown into boredom. Everyone will be missing the best bands and dance team of our college..One of the best batches of our college, in fact the best juniors i ever had. Our college always had the best dance teams in Trivandrum, but Year Outz was entirely different from all of them. Many of them will be knowing in detail about the team, but still i love to share some of the best moments with those guys.

The name of the team creates some confusion among the people, as it is considered dangerous by all the engineering students. The team was formed by Anand(Machan), Anoop(Chegu), Archit(Sancharam), Aswin(Sundan), Sabarish(DJ Sab) and Unnikrishnan(Chunni) for performing in AuFait’08. All these guys had one thing in common, “Attendance Shortage”..From that the name Year Outz got its birth. 'Ponmagal' dance was just performed in that stage only, later Machan used it as his solo dance for 2 years! All these guys took dancing seriously only after their first performance. The crowd support and cheering was that immense which really encouraged them to last as a ‘team’ till the end of final year. It was after AuFait’08 i joined with the team and believe me, the best time of my college days were with them. The practice sessions were the most hilarious one. Most of the time was spent chatting and playing pranks on each other, used to practice hardly 10 minutes a day. Archit even used to skip those practices and always used to learn the whole dance just 1-2 days before the performance, but believe me he hasn't let us down ever. The superstar of our gang was always the ‘ever smiling’ Chegu. Oh my god, i haven't seen such a jovial guy in my entire life, seriously he lacks emotions such as anger, sorrow etc. I won’t never ever get surprised if he even cracks jokes at someplace where a death has taken place! What to say about psycho Sundan?? He always had a great dedication to the team..A great artist, he is one of the most creative heads in our college. But unfortunately his name got famous for the wrong being gay, an absolute crack and all! He was the one who choreographed the most famous ‘Rama Rama’ dance of our team. Coming to Sab, i think this blog won’t be enough to write about him. In short he can be described as the ‘BT Man’. Sab was very easy to be located in college as his one&only hideout was the Biotechnology class(everyone knows the stories!). He also had the most interesting names in college such as ‘seal breaker’, ‘human dildo’ etc! We always loved the way Archit and all used to imitate him by saying ‘randu vadaii’. He was also one of the best football players in our college! Chegu always compared Unni to Dhanush in ‘Kadhal Kondein’. Being close to Sundan, Unni was also considered psycho at times. That maybe true, but for me he was always a great dancer and had a good choreographer in him..But it wasn’t used well. Rightly saying, he didn’t take the initiative. What to say about our choreographer/lead dancer Machan(chegu will be fuming now..he always considered himself as the lead dancer)?? I still wonder how he managed this ‘notorious’ team for 4 long years! Anyways we were always proud to have one of best dancers of SCT in our team.

Babu Vivek(PurpleBlood Guitarist) joined our team for just one performance for Crossroads’09(Apologize dance). That performance still remains as one of the most funniest of all time..Bless our luck that we got out of that college in the same shape. Soon he left the team as he was too busy with rock shows and all. Then Sidharth(Sid) joined our team. Unfortunately the day he joined happened to be Holi, so he was given a great welcome. First Sid thought we seniors were so serious (both in behaviour and dance), but in a matter of time he understood we were just like any other sctians. From the next day he was with us for all the comment sessions,vayanottams(including the seniors) and all! Maybe he brought us luck, the year 2009 turned out to be an excellent year as we got prizes for AuFait and Yagna. We started getting good fame and came to be famous as the ‘mask dancers’. The same year we performed a tribute dance to our dearest seniors like Atul(Lutta), which turned out to be a super hit among sctians. That was the ‘Rama Rama’ dance in which Sid donned the female role. The team performed only for Ragam’10 in my final year. Majority of the time was spent on usual boys’ stuffs that year! But that year happened to be one of the best in my life as i was able to spend majority of my time with them, we never had the senior-junior distinction. After Sid, Deepu happened to be our scapegoat. But he always supported all our immoral stuffs, especially at the farewell party in NIT Calicut. He was always compared to actor Ashokan in the movie Amaram. In 2011, it was our team’s duty to retain the Dhoom championship. For that Machan choreographed ‘Hosanna’ dance which had some new dancers like Nandu G Balan(Balan), Karthika, Megha, Ganga, Lekshmi and Navneeta. That was the first time the team practised with gals. In the beginning the guys tried out to be decent and the gals were in fact surprised to see some decent guys, contrary to what they had heard. But in few days things got back to same old fashion, the practice sessions became the typical Year Outz one’s. But the gals really got bonded to our team and really enjoyed their time. The dance got really famous for Balan’s ‘Arangettam’, sms’s and messages were flowing all over Trivandrum regarding this. Another funny incident related with this is Chegu’s onstage romance with Karthika, it still makes me laugh a lot!

After Dhoom Performance!

Our last dance was choreographed by the very famous Ullas Mohan. That was the only time the guys got serious during practice. But he was always friendly and cool to them. In fact now they are proud that they were taught by Ullas chettan. ”Now we feel we are dancers, now we know what dancing really means”..This was Chegu’s comment after training under Ullas chettan! He is a total genius when comes to dance! Aravind(Tony Jaa) and Hemanth(Hemi) were the last to join our team. Many of them won’t need an introduction about Tony Jaa, as many saw him flying around the stage in our last dance. He was one guy who amazed me with his stunning stunts. Hemi soon got into the spirit of our team, but unfortunately Deepu became the target for him too. Hemi also took the initiative to start YOSR(not expanding as it’s little explosive)! Tony Jaa was always linked with a second year gal, whose name had some striking resemblance with his name. What to say about Balan?? The whole college knows about him..Maybe the most famous being his ‘cousin’ story! Also famous as ‘Jowlikada Balan’ because of his craze for dresses. There is lots and lots of stories about him..But  i am not getting into that..Balan was really a hardworking dancer, we should be proud of him in that way..And above all one of the funniest guys among us! Our last dance was better than many of the dances that were performed in Trivandrum college fests, but still we were denied the prize where we deserved to win. That really dissappointed many of the members of our team, as our hardwork was neglected badly. But finally we got third in Ragam’11, which turned out be our final performance. We were so happy to end  our final performance in a high note. I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank Ullas Chettan, Pradeep and Rahul Chettan for all their help and support to our team!

Year Outz started as a dance team, but went onto become an organization of friends. The backbone of our team was always friendship and so the members like Lutta, Arshad Ikka, Abilash(Abi), Arun(AS), Akshay(Tp), Ashwin(Thalli), Vysakh(Thadiyan), Gautham(Junior), Hari(Kochappi), Vishnu(Prabhu), Harrik have a very prominent role in our success. Abi will be famous as ‘crack’ in the college, but he was one of the best guys i have ever met in college. If you take a list of all-time best five footballers of SCT, his name would be definitely there. AS was a very active member till 2010, but had to take a break due to ‘family’ issues. He was one of the truly gutsy members of the team! Year Outz will be always thankful to Tp for the immense support he have always given to th team. The practice sessions at his house were the most hilarious moments of the team. Eventhough Thalli was always busy with PurpleBlood, he always had his concern and support for these guys. Late night practices were usually conducted at his home. Thadiyan and Junior were always with the team doing all sorts of pranks. These guys almost attended all the performances of our team and should say Junior Gautham was one another football player who impressed me so much these years, maybe the next captain too! Kochappi, Abi and Sundan were the VSSC trio..studied in the same school for years, ended up in the same college and even continues to be best friends. A passionate footballer, now trying his luck in photography..Kochappi is really exploring his life! Prabhu and Harrik handled the design section of our team. Prabhu wants to be famous as a photographer, he has got the talent..let god bless him to become so! Haarik, famous as ‘Mammooty Hari’ is the one of the best designers in Trivandrum. I remember what these guys did when they were asked to take photos of our dhoom performance..The camera was full with photos of Ranjini Haridas and some womens college..Typical Year Outz stuff! We can’t never ever forget our dearest seniors Lutta and Arshad Ikka, whose endless love and support has always encouraged us. Lutta was always among us with his witty dialogues and comments. Arshad Ikka will be always remembered for the act in Balan’s ‘Cabaret’ dance, which really made me remember about yesteryear villains like Jose Prakash, TG Ravi etc!

There is still a lot of stories to write, but i don’t want to make it too long and boring. Maybe the most famous among them will be Machan’s loveletter case..The day we all decided to give a letter to Nia with his name! Incidentally the very day S3 results came and he got his first supply. I still remember what As said after seeing his desp face..”enthaayalum cpp poyi..ini e loveletter enkilum koduthu rakshayundo ennu nokkam”! Machan’s name was always linked with some junior gal all the time, and even with sundan’s for sometime. It was so fortunate to be a part of such a great team which had unity and gave a lot of importance to friendship. I love when these people call me manager, but that was finaly turned into ‘damager’ by all! I would also like to mention about the gals in our team. They became attached to the team very soon and always supported us, especially Karthika, Ganga and Megha! They were there to support us for almost all the fests in Trivandrum. It will be ungrateful from my part if i forget to mention about the tow most famous bands from the same year..PurpleBlood and Saptak..You guys were rocking! Prashant and Ganesh(PurpleBlood) were always with our team, in fact there were a lot to encourage us. A special mention to Babu as he was the only person to have featured in all the three teams! I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank each&everyone who loved and supported us all these wonderful years!

SCT will miss Y.O.D.C! We were not the best..But we gave our best to entertain everyone. Y.O.D.C will miss SCT a lot..The practice sessions, vayanottam, discussing about ‘kerala cafe 2’, coffee shop chats, comment sessions, making stories about eachother, irritating Machan and everything..Also the practice sessions at Tp’s house(Our tharavadu), hang arounds..Sadly we are gonna miss the wonderful stages, the cheers and the comments, backstage practice(usually everyone studies the steps at backstage only), blaming eachother after the performance..It was all fun!We had a lot of special words we used while talking..’Sheyy’, ‘Theppu’, ‘Twist’, ‘Cheap Show’, ‘Deep Throat’, ‘Attitudeda’, ‘Despp’, ‘Btw da legs’(Balan’s masterpiece), ‘Fail’, ‘Crack’ and many! For all those who never knew our team..This was a team formed by a group of best friends which later on went onto become so passionate about dance. Let the coming batches make us their rolemodels, atleast when it comes to friendship! As a fan, i love to thank Year Outz for what they were..You guys were the best!

nO sHaMe, oNlY aTTitUde

(PS: This is my 25th blog and i am so happy that it's about Year Outz! Thanks to everyone for supporting me all these years..Especially to my friends Lakshmi, Sidharth, Anoop, Megha, Shabnam, Karthika, Ganga, Karnnan for their immense encouragement always! Keep supporting :) )

Urumi: A classic epic!

Year 2011 started by gifting us with a completely new&thrilling movie experience by Rajesh Pillai&Team! The movie 'Traffic' was really a trend setter in our industry, a change our film lovers were expecting. Traffic was the best film that many of us saw in some years, not to forget the movies like Pranchiyettan and Cocktail which really attracted good audiences back to the theatre. The context of this blog is definitely another classic movie which got released today..A movie which i like to call as the "Magnum Opus" of renown cinematographer Santosh Sivan.."Urumi" !

Sincerely saying, i went to watch this movie just because it's a Santosh Sivan film! Having a great interest in movies, i was really fascinated by this man's cinematography. I think 'Yodha' was the first movie i watched of him, later went on to experience his visual excellence in many movies like Kalapani, Roja, Dil Se, Raavan, Perumthachan, Iruvar, Ananthabhadram and many. Urumi was no different..Maybe he presented us with a entirely different experience..An apt example for 'visual treat'. No wonder if he bags too many awards next year! It will be ungrateful if i forget to mention about his direction, which had won him several accolades too. The way he directed this movie has to be certainly appreciated, for presenting one of the best movies in recent years! I wish he does more Malayalam films in the coming years, so that we people will be certainly gifted with more and more excellent films. 

Traffic really proved that script is the real hero of a movie, Urumi stamps it with yet another strong script. Shanker Ramakrishnan deserves the full credit for the wonderful script which is really the strength of the movie. Worked as a longterm associate with director Ranjith, he really proved his mettle in his first film "Island Express" (one among the then short films in Kerala Cafe). The story gives you a new picture about Vasco De Gama, a one which is unknown to all and maybe shocking. He has really got a bright future and we really expect a lot of good films from you. Yet again Deepak Dev produced some fine songs and stunning background score for the movie. After a longtime i was able to see people singing along with the songs in theatre! Another reason why i wanted to watch this movie today was Mr Ullas Mohan. A great choreographer from Trivandrum, with whom our team Year Outz got a chance to learn some moves had choreographed a song which had the ravishing Vidya Balan in lead. That song really lighted everyone in the theatre..Sexy choreography and Vidya!

The casting has been perfect in this movie. This will be a film that Prithviraj can be really proud off. After a series of disappointing films, finally he is back in track. His acting is really good and his looks are just sizzling. Prabhu Deva, Genelia and Jagathy worth a special appreciation for their stunning acting. I think will be one of the best characters of Genelia's career! Nitya Menon, Amol Gupte, Vidya, Tabu, Arya and everyone in this movie have done justice to their roles. I should admit that i have never seen Vidya this gorgeous. She's simply stunning with her looks. The locations are just beautiful, beautiful and beautiful..It looks like a Hollywood film through Santosh Sivan's lens. The entire cast and crew has to be appreciated. I recommend everyone to watch this movie for witnessing a classic epic, some fine acting, mind blowing cinematography, gorgeous actresses..A complete package! For all photography enthusiasts, this movie will be an ultimate treat. This will be a movie which will make us all proud..This movie will gift you an entirely different experience..A must match movie for this summer!


'Shutter' Island!

Seeing the title don't misunderstand that i am gonna write a review about the film. The island being referred here is the Museum compound at Trivandrum where the photography exhibition "Exposure" took place yesterday. The museum premises were fully filled with photographers and DSLR cams. The venue turned out to be yet another place a photo shoot. The event really provided an opportunity for many photography enthusiasts to showcase their talent and to interact with eminent photographers from all over Kerala.

We should thank Mr Ananthu Ganesh and Mr Bittu George for taking the initiative to organize such a wonderful event which was sponsored by Alamy Images. And not to forget the role of social networks these days like Facebook, where these people met and decided to take up such ventures. The exhibition featured almost 300 photographs of 30 photographers which got a great response from the viewers. Eminent personalities like Mr R Gopalakrishnan(Still Photographer), Mr Balan Madhavan(Wildlife Photographer) and Mr Vipin Mohan(Cinematographer) were also present which really added the grace to the event. The event was really a feast for the people of Trivandrum, their numbers just showing how much they are interested in this art!

It's great to see young people are coming up with such innovative ideas, that was even reflected in Mr Balan Madhavan's feedback to the event. Now the platform is set for everyone to showcase their creativity. Seeing the kind of response i really hope Trivandrum will turn into a regular host for more and more exhibitions. It's evident that next time the participation will be more and exciting. It will be really great if we get a support from the concerned authorities for a better venue and provision. Congrats and hearty thanks to all the photographers who participated in the event. For the moment we can proudly talk about "Exposure"..An event that lighted the city with some exceptional works!

The people who made it possible!