I, Celestial Lover!

Many will think that this blog is irrelevant as i have already written about Padmarajan Sir in 'January's Loss'! But as the day January 23 arrives, everyone will remember this great man with love and pride. His films were some of the landmark movies in Malayalam. I am not going to analyse his direction or scriptwriting as i am not at all eligible to do it. Let us discuss about the wonderful films,scripts and stories he has gifted us!

He wanted to be famous as both director and writer. But after getting into film field, he had to distance himself from writing to concentrate more on direction. Some writers describe this as a great loss for Malayalam literature, even i feel the same. The best thing about him is that he gifted us with a lot of films to remember for a long time, in fact some of the exceptional films in Malayalam. He was the best script writer in our film industry. Last year i got the chance to see his movies like Kallan Pavithran, Oridaththoru Phayalvaan etc. I was amazed by the talent this man possessed. Two weeks back i watched 'Moonampakkam' again, which made me cry like anything. It is one the classic movies in Malayalam. His way of direction,storytelling and picturisation is unique, thats why we all want to be the next Padmarajan!

He and his films still continues to inspire many youngsters to the film industry, but no one has ever achieved the fame like him. Ranjith is the only person now alive who got the caliber to do films like him.  Even after 20 years, he remains to be the best director of our industry. People still love to watch his films again and again. I recently read an article in a newspaper where actor Ashokan stated..'He was my luck, his death my bad luck'. In the same actor Jayaram stated 'Padmarajan Sir is my god'! It's so nice to see the media still remembering him and a million thanks to the TV channels for telecasting his movies from time to time. This year i want to complete reading all the stories he wrote, that will be my resolution. Very happy to know that K Rajeev Kumar and Suresh Kumar are remaking 'Rathinirvedam', a classic film penned by Pappettan and directed by Bharathan Sir. But it's better not to remake his directorial ventures, so that the class of the movies won't be spolied! I often feels the song 'Devaanganangal kaiyozhinja thaarakam' was written about him. You maybe greatly missed..But you and the wonderful films you gifted us will live in our hearts forever!


Adieu 2010!

Year 2010 has been one of the best years in my life. It should be ,as it all started by saying 'cheers' with my dearest schoolmates:)..When it comes to drinking, the year had been outstanding. The year also marked the end of my college life:(..The last days in college were simply awesome and enjoyed to the core. My last birthday in college was made a quite memorable one by my college mates and schoolmates, right from the birthday bumps to the booze party, dinner etc. I was very fortunate to be a member of the 'Sprdh' committee, the first united fest conducted by our college. It laid a base to the juniors and i really hope they do very well with 'Cult a'way' (the fest conducted by SCT college in February 2011)! I was honored when i got the chance to lead our college team for NIT Ragam'10 where we performed well. I can't ever forget the 'Romanov Nite' with my friends there, it was one hell of a booze party. The last days of my college life were simply rocking and too emotional:)..But friends, missing college life will be one of the hardest thing you will ever experience in life!

The year 2010 also presented me with some good friends. While talking about friends, i should mention about 'Billiards Cafe', which was my second home last year. We spend more time chatting rather than playing snooker there. I was gifted with a lot of friends who really mean a lot to me now:)..The last semester in college turned out be a good period for making new friends, who still continues to be the best part of my life:)..This blog will be incomplete if i forget to mention about my dear schoolmates, with whom i spend most of the time last year. We had an unforgettable reunion 10 days back which really brought our best days back. The best resolution i can take on this new year will be to be in touch with all my friends forever..The only resolution i won't break:)

When it comes to writing, it had been a fantastic year for me. I got too many appreciations for my blogs and writings. I should say my approach to the field got more professional. For that i should thank my dear friends for their never ending encouragement. Hope i can soon publish a book:)..Photography is another thing which made me happy throughout the year. I was able to meet many talented photographers and acquire more knowledge in this field. I always dream about the day when i will be holding by first DSLR cam! I love to take these two professions very seriously this year. Some of the movies released last year really amused me. The best example will be 'Inception', a pure blend of exceptional scripting, direction and acting. I was very happy to watch some really good films in Malayalam after a long time. My pick for the top movies of the year will be  'Pranchiyettan&The Saint', 'Cocktail' and 'Best Actor' (among the movies i watched)! Gautham Menon continued to encourage me with his latest flick 'Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya'. Some of the movies suddenly inspires me to get into film direction. Hope my day will soon come!

I hope this year will be another great one for me. I would love to excel in my writing and photography. Hope i will keep u entertained with my writings. I am not talking any resolutions this year, as i have a tendency of breaking them the very next moment:)..I wish everyone a very, very happy 2011..Have a great year ahead..Keep supporting..God Bless You all!!!