'Shutter' Island!

Seeing the title don't misunderstand that i am gonna write a review about the film. The island being referred here is the Museum compound at Trivandrum where the photography exhibition "Exposure" took place yesterday. The museum premises were fully filled with photographers and DSLR cams. The venue turned out to be yet another place a photo shoot. The event really provided an opportunity for many photography enthusiasts to showcase their talent and to interact with eminent photographers from all over Kerala.

We should thank Mr Ananthu Ganesh and Mr Bittu George for taking the initiative to organize such a wonderful event which was sponsored by Alamy Images. And not to forget the role of social networks these days like Facebook, where these people met and decided to take up such ventures. The exhibition featured almost 300 photographs of 30 photographers which got a great response from the viewers. Eminent personalities like Mr R Gopalakrishnan(Still Photographer), Mr Balan Madhavan(Wildlife Photographer) and Mr Vipin Mohan(Cinematographer) were also present which really added the grace to the event. The event was really a feast for the people of Trivandrum, their numbers just showing how much they are interested in this art!

It's great to see young people are coming up with such innovative ideas, that was even reflected in Mr Balan Madhavan's feedback to the event. Now the platform is set for everyone to showcase their creativity. Seeing the kind of response i really hope Trivandrum will turn into a regular host for more and more exhibitions. It's evident that next time the participation will be more and exciting. It will be really great if we get a support from the concerned authorities for a better venue and provision. Congrats and hearty thanks to all the photographers who participated in the event. For the moment we can proudly talk about "Exposure"..An event that lighted the city with some exceptional works!

The people who made it possible!


karthika said...

really was a great experience for me as not a photographer either by profession or hobby.......but still i enjoyed the exhibition a lot.....cheers to all the exceptionally talented photographers whose works were exhibited!!! thanks to the coordinators for organising such an event.....its really an encouragement for upcoming talents..... :)

Gautham said...

well said dear:)