Urumi: A classic epic!

Year 2011 started by gifting us with a completely new&thrilling movie experience by Rajesh Pillai&Team! The movie 'Traffic' was really a trend setter in our industry, a change our film lovers were expecting. Traffic was the best film that many of us saw in some years, not to forget the movies like Pranchiyettan and Cocktail which really attracted good audiences back to the theatre. The context of this blog is definitely another classic movie which got released today..A movie which i like to call as the "Magnum Opus" of renown cinematographer Santosh Sivan.."Urumi" !

Sincerely saying, i went to watch this movie just because it's a Santosh Sivan film! Having a great interest in movies, i was really fascinated by this man's cinematography. I think 'Yodha' was the first movie i watched of him, later went on to experience his visual excellence in many movies like Kalapani, Roja, Dil Se, Raavan, Perumthachan, Iruvar, Ananthabhadram and many. Urumi was no different..Maybe he presented us with a entirely different experience..An apt example for 'visual treat'. No wonder if he bags too many awards next year! It will be ungrateful if i forget to mention about his direction, which had won him several accolades too. The way he directed this movie has to be certainly appreciated, for presenting one of the best movies in recent years! I wish he does more Malayalam films in the coming years, so that we people will be certainly gifted with more and more excellent films. 

Traffic really proved that script is the real hero of a movie, Urumi stamps it with yet another strong script. Shanker Ramakrishnan deserves the full credit for the wonderful script which is really the strength of the movie. Worked as a longterm associate with director Ranjith, he really proved his mettle in his first film "Island Express" (one among the then short films in Kerala Cafe). The story gives you a new picture about Vasco De Gama, a one which is unknown to all and maybe shocking. He has really got a bright future and we really expect a lot of good films from you. Yet again Deepak Dev produced some fine songs and stunning background score for the movie. After a longtime i was able to see people singing along with the songs in theatre! Another reason why i wanted to watch this movie today was Mr Ullas Mohan. A great choreographer from Trivandrum, with whom our team Year Outz got a chance to learn some moves had choreographed a song which had the ravishing Vidya Balan in lead. That song really lighted everyone in the theatre..Sexy choreography and Vidya!

The casting has been perfect in this movie. This will be a film that Prithviraj can be really proud off. After a series of disappointing films, finally he is back in track. His acting is really good and his looks are just sizzling. Prabhu Deva, Genelia and Jagathy worth a special appreciation for their stunning acting. I think will be one of the best characters of Genelia's career! Nitya Menon, Amol Gupte, Vidya, Tabu, Arya and everyone in this movie have done justice to their roles. I should admit that i have never seen Vidya this gorgeous. She's simply stunning with her looks. The locations are just beautiful, beautiful and beautiful..It looks like a Hollywood film through Santosh Sivan's lens. The entire cast and crew has to be appreciated. I recommend everyone to watch this movie for witnessing a classic epic, some fine acting, mind blowing cinematography, gorgeous actresses..A complete package! For all photography enthusiasts, this movie will be an ultimate treat. This will be a movie which will make us all proud..This movie will gift you an entirely different experience..A must match movie for this summer!


K said...

will watch 4 uve asked... thanx dud
kollathillenkil kola panniduven

Gautham said...

do watch for sure..i hope you will like it!

Divya said...

hope it vl b a gud one,since its a santosh sivan movie.eagerly waiting to c it..
nw a days der r hardly any gud movies at all,except fr some exceptions lik cocktail n traffic..mind blowing dey were...hope i wont b dissappointed wid urumi..