It's all about being 'Y.O.D.C'!

Those who have read about my college life would have understood how close i was with Y.O.D.C(Year Outz Dance Crew) . When i write this, i feel too emotional because this may be my farewell blog to one of the best dance teams that SCT College has ever seen! Actually saying when the current final year batch gets passed out, the college will be thrown into boredom. Everyone will be missing the best bands and dance team of our college..One of the best batches of our college, in fact the best juniors i ever had. Our college always had the best dance teams in Trivandrum, but Year Outz was entirely different from all of them. Many of them will be knowing in detail about the team, but still i love to share some of the best moments with those guys.

The name of the team creates some confusion among the people, as it is considered dangerous by all the engineering students. The team was formed by Anand(Machan), Anoop(Chegu), Archit(Sancharam), Aswin(Sundan), Sabarish(DJ Sab) and Unnikrishnan(Chunni) for performing in AuFait’08. All these guys had one thing in common, “Attendance Shortage”..From that the name Year Outz got its birth. 'Ponmagal' dance was just performed in that stage only, later Machan used it as his solo dance for 2 years! All these guys took dancing seriously only after their first performance. The crowd support and cheering was that immense which really encouraged them to last as a ‘team’ till the end of final year. It was after AuFait’08 i joined with the team and believe me, the best time of my college days were with them. The practice sessions were the most hilarious one. Most of the time was spent chatting and playing pranks on each other, used to practice hardly 10 minutes a day. Archit even used to skip those practices and always used to learn the whole dance just 1-2 days before the performance, but believe me he hasn't let us down ever. The superstar of our gang was always the ‘ever smiling’ Chegu. Oh my god, i haven't seen such a jovial guy in my entire life, seriously he lacks emotions such as anger, sorrow etc. I won’t never ever get surprised if he even cracks jokes at someplace where a death has taken place! What to say about psycho Sundan?? He always had a great dedication to the team..A great artist, he is one of the most creative heads in our college. But unfortunately his name got famous for the wrong being gay, an absolute crack and all! He was the one who choreographed the most famous ‘Rama Rama’ dance of our team. Coming to Sab, i think this blog won’t be enough to write about him. In short he can be described as the ‘BT Man’. Sab was very easy to be located in college as his one&only hideout was the Biotechnology class(everyone knows the stories!). He also had the most interesting names in college such as ‘seal breaker’, ‘human dildo’ etc! We always loved the way Archit and all used to imitate him by saying ‘randu vadaii’. He was also one of the best football players in our college! Chegu always compared Unni to Dhanush in ‘Kadhal Kondein’. Being close to Sundan, Unni was also considered psycho at times. That maybe true, but for me he was always a great dancer and had a good choreographer in him..But it wasn’t used well. Rightly saying, he didn’t take the initiative. What to say about our choreographer/lead dancer Machan(chegu will be fuming now..he always considered himself as the lead dancer)?? I still wonder how he managed this ‘notorious’ team for 4 long years! Anyways we were always proud to have one of best dancers of SCT in our team.

Babu Vivek(PurpleBlood Guitarist) joined our team for just one performance for Crossroads’09(Apologize dance). That performance still remains as one of the most funniest of all time..Bless our luck that we got out of that college in the same shape. Soon he left the team as he was too busy with rock shows and all. Then Sidharth(Sid) joined our team. Unfortunately the day he joined happened to be Holi, so he was given a great welcome. First Sid thought we seniors were so serious (both in behaviour and dance), but in a matter of time he understood we were just like any other sctians. From the next day he was with us for all the comment sessions,vayanottams(including the seniors) and all! Maybe he brought us luck, the year 2009 turned out to be an excellent year as we got prizes for AuFait and Yagna. We started getting good fame and came to be famous as the ‘mask dancers’. The same year we performed a tribute dance to our dearest seniors like Atul(Lutta), which turned out to be a super hit among sctians. That was the ‘Rama Rama’ dance in which Sid donned the female role. The team performed only for Ragam’10 in my final year. Majority of the time was spent on usual boys’ stuffs that year! But that year happened to be one of the best in my life as i was able to spend majority of my time with them, we never had the senior-junior distinction. After Sid, Deepu happened to be our scapegoat. But he always supported all our immoral stuffs, especially at the farewell party in NIT Calicut. He was always compared to actor Ashokan in the movie Amaram. In 2011, it was our team’s duty to retain the Dhoom championship. For that Machan choreographed ‘Hosanna’ dance which had some new dancers like Nandu G Balan(Balan), Karthika, Megha, Ganga, Lekshmi and Navneeta. That was the first time the team practised with gals. In the beginning the guys tried out to be decent and the gals were in fact surprised to see some decent guys, contrary to what they had heard. But in few days things got back to same old fashion, the practice sessions became the typical Year Outz one’s. But the gals really got bonded to our team and really enjoyed their time. The dance got really famous for Balan’s ‘Arangettam’, sms’s and messages were flowing all over Trivandrum regarding this. Another funny incident related with this is Chegu’s onstage romance with Karthika, it still makes me laugh a lot!

After Dhoom Performance!

Our last dance was choreographed by the very famous Ullas Mohan. That was the only time the guys got serious during practice. But he was always friendly and cool to them. In fact now they are proud that they were taught by Ullas chettan. ”Now we feel we are dancers, now we know what dancing really means”..This was Chegu’s comment after training under Ullas chettan! He is a total genius when comes to dance! Aravind(Tony Jaa) and Hemanth(Hemi) were the last to join our team. Many of them won’t need an introduction about Tony Jaa, as many saw him flying around the stage in our last dance. He was one guy who amazed me with his stunning stunts. Hemi soon got into the spirit of our team, but unfortunately Deepu became the target for him too. Hemi also took the initiative to start YOSR(not expanding as it’s little explosive)! Tony Jaa was always linked with a second year gal, whose name had some striking resemblance with his name. What to say about Balan?? The whole college knows about him..Maybe the most famous being his ‘cousin’ story! Also famous as ‘Jowlikada Balan’ because of his craze for dresses. There is lots and lots of stories about him..But  i am not getting into that..Balan was really a hardworking dancer, we should be proud of him in that way..And above all one of the funniest guys among us! Our last dance was better than many of the dances that were performed in Trivandrum college fests, but still we were denied the prize where we deserved to win. That really dissappointed many of the members of our team, as our hardwork was neglected badly. But finally we got third in Ragam’11, which turned out be our final performance. We were so happy to end  our final performance in a high note. I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank Ullas Chettan, Pradeep and Rahul Chettan for all their help and support to our team!

Year Outz started as a dance team, but went onto become an organization of friends. The backbone of our team was always friendship and so the members like Lutta, Arshad Ikka, Abilash(Abi), Arun(AS), Akshay(Tp), Ashwin(Thalli), Vysakh(Thadiyan), Gautham(Junior), Hari(Kochappi), Vishnu(Prabhu), Harrik have a very prominent role in our success. Abi will be famous as ‘crack’ in the college, but he was one of the best guys i have ever met in college. If you take a list of all-time best five footballers of SCT, his name would be definitely there. AS was a very active member till 2010, but had to take a break due to ‘family’ issues. He was one of the truly gutsy members of the team! Year Outz will be always thankful to Tp for the immense support he have always given to th team. The practice sessions at his house were the most hilarious moments of the team. Eventhough Thalli was always busy with PurpleBlood, he always had his concern and support for these guys. Late night practices were usually conducted at his home. Thadiyan and Junior were always with the team doing all sorts of pranks. These guys almost attended all the performances of our team and should say Junior Gautham was one another football player who impressed me so much these years, maybe the next captain too! Kochappi, Abi and Sundan were the VSSC trio..studied in the same school for years, ended up in the same college and even continues to be best friends. A passionate footballer, now trying his luck in photography..Kochappi is really exploring his life! Prabhu and Harrik handled the design section of our team. Prabhu wants to be famous as a photographer, he has got the talent..let god bless him to become so! Haarik, famous as ‘Mammooty Hari’ is the one of the best designers in Trivandrum. I remember what these guys did when they were asked to take photos of our dhoom performance..The camera was full with photos of Ranjini Haridas and some womens college..Typical Year Outz stuff! We can’t never ever forget our dearest seniors Lutta and Arshad Ikka, whose endless love and support has always encouraged us. Lutta was always among us with his witty dialogues and comments. Arshad Ikka will be always remembered for the act in Balan’s ‘Cabaret’ dance, which really made me remember about yesteryear villains like Jose Prakash, TG Ravi etc!

There is still a lot of stories to write, but i don’t want to make it too long and boring. Maybe the most famous among them will be Machan’s loveletter case..The day we all decided to give a letter to Nia with his name! Incidentally the very day S3 results came and he got his first supply. I still remember what As said after seeing his desp face..”enthaayalum cpp poyi..ini e loveletter enkilum koduthu rakshayundo ennu nokkam”! Machan’s name was always linked with some junior gal all the time, and even with sundan’s for sometime. It was so fortunate to be a part of such a great team which had unity and gave a lot of importance to friendship. I love when these people call me manager, but that was finaly turned into ‘damager’ by all! I would also like to mention about the gals in our team. They became attached to the team very soon and always supported us, especially Karthika, Ganga and Megha! They were there to support us for almost all the fests in Trivandrum. It will be ungrateful from my part if i forget to mention about the tow most famous bands from the same year..PurpleBlood and Saptak..You guys were rocking! Prashant and Ganesh(PurpleBlood) were always with our team, in fact there were a lot to encourage us. A special mention to Babu as he was the only person to have featured in all the three teams! I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank each&everyone who loved and supported us all these wonderful years!

SCT will miss Y.O.D.C! We were not the best..But we gave our best to entertain everyone. Y.O.D.C will miss SCT a lot..The practice sessions, vayanottam, discussing about ‘kerala cafe 2’, coffee shop chats, comment sessions, making stories about eachother, irritating Machan and everything..Also the practice sessions at Tp’s house(Our tharavadu), hang arounds..Sadly we are gonna miss the wonderful stages, the cheers and the comments, backstage practice(usually everyone studies the steps at backstage only), blaming eachother after the performance..It was all fun!We had a lot of special words we used while talking..’Sheyy’, ‘Theppu’, ‘Twist’, ‘Cheap Show’, ‘Deep Throat’, ‘Attitudeda’, ‘Despp’, ‘Btw da legs’(Balan’s masterpiece), ‘Fail’, ‘Crack’ and many! For all those who never knew our team..This was a team formed by a group of best friends which later on went onto become so passionate about dance. Let the coming batches make us their rolemodels, atleast when it comes to friendship! As a fan, i love to thank Year Outz for what they were..You guys were the best!

nO sHaMe, oNlY aTTitUde

(PS: This is my 25th blog and i am so happy that it's about Year Outz! Thanks to everyone for supporting me all these years..Especially to my friends Lakshmi, Sidharth, Anoop, Megha, Shabnam, Karthika, Ganga, Karnnan for their immense encouragement always! Keep supporting :) )


SiD said...

Verum Kidilam! So its 25 with a bang! :-)
I'm really proud to have
I'm really proud to be a part of YODC.
The shows may be over, but we'll all still be a team! :-)
Manager ki Jai!

Gautham said...

hehe..thanks a lot bro:)..yup we will be a team forever! YODC rocks forever!

Prashant said...

Ningal oru varsham nerathe janichu poyi maashe...but still atleast you enjoyed some time with us.....And as for YODC, we all know they were the best dancers from any TVM colleges during their time.

Gautham said...

hehe..but i still had the best time with you all! And YODC were simply the best among all :)

lakshmi said...

mashhee..The BEST blog of ur whole lottt...truly heart as though u r seeing these pranksters alive..though i neva knew (FEW)YODC members directly am well aware of their stories thru GENUINE sources..:p
i lovd the 'family issue'in ur blog mashe:):)..sad that he had to withdraw:p...
i remember the best intances that u always narrated abt SCT had tremendous influence of YODC...hail YODC!!!
long live YODC!!!

Gautham said...

hehe..and i should say that was the best comment i ever got!