Betting was one of my favorite pastimes during school days (Christ Nagar Thiruvallom). Don’t think it was based on cricket, race or any other sports; it was all about making friendship with gals! Better to say that most of the interesting bets in my life were based on gals. But after getting into college I stopped all these, actually I lost my courage to do such adventurous things again. Here I love to share some of the most beautiful times of my school days.

It was in 6th standard my friend Shimju urged me to love Kritika. Sorry to say that during that time I was among the top 3 when comes to academics and always had a healthy competition among us, but I always emerged as the winner. So Shimju used this situation to place that bet, and as always I was ready the very next moment. Then as usual I started showing all the cheap tricks to get her attention, but all turned out to be utter failure. My best friends Girish and Nithin Thomas were always with me to help. At last I approached her close friends to help me and they agreed. Soon she understood all our planning’s and started taking a good distance from me. Days before our Christmas exams, she came to know about my love (by that time I started loving her) from one of her friends and that turned out to be a big issue. Within minutes I got a wonderful ‘No’, that too she replied through her friend. Shimju started celebrating as soon as he knew it. As like any guy I lost the interest in her very next day and started thinking whom I should love next? On exam day I purposefully avoided seeing her as I wasn’t sure how she will behave to me. Soon after the exam I came to know that she was searching for me, and I tried to hide! But actually she came to say a sorry to me, and I accepted it happily. But the next part was so shocking that she said ‘Yes’ to my proposal, I was in cloud 9 that time, but I left that spot without saying anything. I was totally surprised and confused! Later Girish and Nithin came to know about this and they urged me to talk to her. From that day my life was filled with romantic songs and dreams without knowing that the worst part was yet to come. I waited excitedly for the exam days, especially those days where we have two exams so that I could spend time with her at school corridors and buses! But in days we had to stop as some idiot informed her mom about this...That day was one of the most fucking day in my school life. After some days all the teachers came to know about this and my mother was called by the principal to talk on this! The thing was many of my friends were on a loving spree and all became big issues among teachers. Luckily I was the only one who got a positive reply to the proposal. I still remember how I and Tarun were fired by Rajasekharan Sir. I escaped these issues without much trouble just because I was good in academics. I haven’t talked with her much later. She didn’t even write the annual exam due to some health issues and I was kind of celebrating it that time. The next year she moved to our main school as her mom had no interest to leave her in my class! I easily forgot her after she left..In 8th standard we met again during annual science fair. It was again Shimju who encouraged me to talk and mend that relation. Talking with her again caused good troubles to me in school (don’t know why teachers made these big issues for talking to a gal?). I think the relation continued till 11th standard with limited meetings and phone calls. Unfortunately she was with me in SCT College too. I used to talk with her during 1st year, later avoided that too. Happy that she never came to know about the bet, I enjoyed the days with her!

The next task was a risky one as it needed the help of mobile phone. One of my junior gave me a gal’s number and asked whether I can make company with her? I happily accepted the challenge! This happened during my 11th standard and we had only these stuffs to do after getting back from school. Her name was Anu, from Thrissur and almost 3 years elder to me. After all the planning’s and calculations I called her at 10:30 night. From her ‘hello’ I understood that she was already asleep.

“Hi..I am Alex from Trivandrum..Called to make friendship with you”. This was my first dialogue to her.

“You know what the time now is? Is this the time to call a girl and ask this?" .She replied

“Sorry I made a bet with my friend and so I called you now..Thanks for talking..Goodnight”. After telling this we both said goodnight and parted.

I didn’t tell my original name as I wanted to keep my identity safe. After that many times I used to message her, but her response was so discouraging. I took an austere decision to somehow make her my friend that too she should come behind me. When we talked the next time she discouraged me saying that I am young for her, I should see her as a sister (I never saw her as a friend too), but finally agreed to be in touch with me. Later when she started contacting me I started showing all sorts of attitude, I was too happy that she came behind me! Later on she became my good friend and we used to talk and message a lot. But at a moment I had to stop all sorts of communication with her when I came to know some facts about her that too she told me. She was in love with some guy which her parents opposed. One day she went on bike ride with him and some friends and got back home very late. Her explanation to me was that she and that guy spend a lot of time in a field talking and gazing at the starry sky (god knows what happened there?). To have a girl alone at nighttime and the whole time they just talked and gazed at stars, there will be some serious problems with both! As soon as she returned home her parents locked her up in a room. From there onwards she started asking for my help, since I didn’t want to take any sort of risks I nicely escaped. After that I haven’t talked to her, don’t know where she is now..Maybe with that stargazer!

Bindiya was one superb gal I ever met in life. In 12th standard I joined Ashok Sir’s physics tuition class (night batch) in the name of entrance coaching, but mainly for entertainment sponsored by St Thomas School, Holy Angels School etc! The other factor why I joined there was Bindiya, as my friends always used to describe about her in classroom. And in tuition class the guys doesn’t use to talk much with gals as our sir was too strict and irritating. There John and Niteesh made a bet with me to make company with her, that’s what every boy in that class loves for. It wasn’t easy as she came from a girl’s only school. Unfortunately she didn’t come for our first class, and everyone started saying she shifted her batch and my plans had to be dropped. This sir had the habit of asking questions from the portions which he took the previous class, but as usual we just use to study it just before the start of class. During our second class pin drop silence struck when she came. I still remember she was in a white salwar with black stripes, but I suddenly asked Niteesh “this was the gal who you were talking about? She’s just an ordinary gal..cheyy”! But sincerely saying I couldn’t take my eyes from her for the next two hours, even my neck got a sprain turning back a lot of times. Soon I contacted my friend to get her details and he responded within sometime with all the details including her address. I luckily got her yahoo id, which didn’t benefit much at the start as she never came online. One day we both reached the tuition class at the same time, but I happened to be at the other side of the road. I crossed that road without looking at the vehicles, in fact I was running. I still don’t know how I crossed that road without being hit and had to run again to catch up with her at the stairs. Without much hesitation I talked to her, exchanged smiles and she was so nice to me. We both entered the class together, everyone was staring at me, and I had a victorious smile on my face but was happier that I got a good friend. Later on we started chatting in yahoo and all, became very good friends. She only used to talk to one guy in that class, that was me. One day she came to class directly after school. Their uniform was too superb and moreover she came in with the rain. I still remember what the head boy of Arya Central School said that time...”Oh god...She’s wet and she’s making me wet”! I should say she had the best figure in our class. No one can be blamed if they stare at her continuously, that much superb she was. In school my friends made all sorts of stories about us. Whatever activities the English teacher gave like letter writing, marriage invitation etc, and the lead characters will be us! I remember how much comments I had to tackle with when I gave my slam book to her, my friends killed me that day. The page she wrote was the best in that book! She was really my very good friend. After 12th we didn’t have much contact as she went to some other place for her graduation and is currently presuming her post graduation. But whenever we saw these years, she talked very nicely to me. Wherever she is now, I wish her the best!


sruthi jayachandran said...

good one cheta! these things provoked me for a retrospect into those good old days.:)

Divya Sudarsanan said...

well if i m not wrong,der were more bets dat u made in skool rit??wat abt dem ah??!! :-P i guess one blog wont b enough to mention all dat!!!! o_O
anyway, guys shud learn frm u hw to mak frnds especially wid gals n hw to avoid all d troubles following dem!!!!!:-D
anyway all d best wid ur more new bets n hope u find more adventures in dem !!!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Weird and Creepy

CSK said...

Aaah... To be young and feel the romance... :)

Nithin Sudarsanan said...

bhai aalu kolalo.. My sis usd to say alot bout u all, but none of these... :P

P.S. - Rajashekaran sirinu ee pani pande undayiruno??? o_O