Threads of Fate Intertwined

Destiny is something which gives everyone unexpected turns in life. Well I do believe in destiny as my life was always filled with unexpected happenings, both exciting and dreadful ones. Meeting Priya was one such coincidence. She happened to be my friend Nandu’s friend, who met her through Dev, another friend of mine. I have seen her only once that too we talked hardly for 10 minutes when she came to Trivandrum. Her behavior was so pleasing that it won’t take much time to get close with her. After she left we have never been in contact, but used to know about her through our mutual friends. Months passed, she even became close with my best friend Achu. I think it was in November I got a call from Achu informing about Priya’s death. That was a moment of confusion and disbelief for me..I was thinking how a person can die this soon, about whom I often hear from my friends? Priya wasn’t my best friend or so close to me like what she was to my friends, but the news was entirely shocking to me. My friends were in entirely devastated condition and I didn't know how to react to them.

Two years have passed and everyone got adjusted with the fact, but purposefully avoided talks about her as it will still make us sad. Two months back I happened to join IPS tuition class for my supplementary exams. There I met a very cool and jovial guy (I don’t want to disclose his identity here), who soon became my close pal. One day while I was scanning his mobile gallery I happened to come across the photo of a beautiful gal (my friends will say that I know almost all the gals in Kerala). Her face seemed so familiar to me and to clear my intuition I asked who she was. The gal happened to be none other than Priya. It was a bike accident that took her life and this guy was with her in the last moments. After that incident he had been struggling to get back to his life! He openly admitted to me about the accident and shared many of his memorable moments with her in our later meetings. One message he sent me the day when I realized that he was her friend quoted like “bro...I need to meet her loved ones before leaving trivandrum”! He happened to meet all her friends here, made good relation with them and moreover shared some of the beautiful memories of her.

I have seen many a time his eyes getting filled when he talks about her. But he is now a very relaxed guy. He always says it was destiny that he came to Trivandrum, joined my tuition class and met everyone who he never thought he would even talk in life. Maybe all these were planned by her, I believe so. Maybe she wanted all of us to be in touch, in a way she still lives here! I dedicate this write-up to her…A person who made many smile a lot!


Anonymous said...

I dont know what to say..Death. Maranam. Rangabodham theereyillatha oru nadan. epol venamengilum keri varaam. Ore nadakathil 2 thavana vannathu njan kanditund.

Sree said...

:-( thts sad!!

Anonymous said...

awwwhhh :(

Anonymous said...

i also had a very similar experience last year during my s6 o'my best friend's mom passed away which was totally an unexpected one.:(