Emotional Atyachar

First of all I would like to thank Archit for helping me choose this title. From my previous blogs it’s clearly understood how close I’m with YODC(Year Outz Dance Crew) and the closeness within the team. Our team has always given great importance to friendship and that make us emotional now. The source for this blog happens to be a get together which took place at Akshay’s (Tp) house two days back. Before telling about the emotional scenes I would like to write about the ‘Marapaalam House’ which was our 'second home' for the past few years!

Tp’s house has witnessed all the funniest and naughtiest moments of YODC! It ranges from practice sessions to chatting sessions (mainly scandals), cricket games, late night parties etc. We hardly had time for practice as most of the time was spend on chats, making fun of Machan, Chegu’s comic comments etc. Maybe Sid and Balan had the best time doing all sorts of naughty tricks there. The party times were in fact the best we had in our college life especially the one after our ‘Dhoom’ performance! I still remember how perfectly the guys danced at night after the vodka shots which even made Machan cry! Hearing ‘Iktara’ made Chegu remember about his lost love and was finally seen with eyes closed and speakers inside his ears. Lutta won’t ever forget that night as he witnessed the ‘fashion show’ organized by Balan and not to forget Sundan’s airplane after getting drunk. For the next party we even had a ‘floral arrangement’ by Balan. I still remember what Chegu said to me next day...”To convince my parents that I wasn't drunk, I watched comedy show for one hour without laughing or moving from my seat”! Not to forget people like Abi, Gautham Jr, Thalli, Lbw, Vys, Unni etc who were always with us in all those times. For the past few days we were busy with cricket tournament there. I am proud to say that I belonged to the ’46 XI’ lead by Archit which included Chegu too.

2 days back we had a small get together there which was organized by Archit since he and Chegu are soon leaving Trivandrum for a while. Tp, Abi, Balan, Lutta, Sab, Tony Ja, Unni etc were present too. That happened to be our last get together for some time :( Archit truly made it emotional when he proposed a toast for us saying “Don’t know when we get a chance again to meet again...So let’s blast now”! I don’t know when we all will be able to have a meeting there again, but we all do love to come back there...Once more shake legs to some music...Make fun of each other...Play cricket...And to have a late night parties! YODC is gonna miss this house and those lovely moments. That house has got a story to tell everyone..The story of some great guys who turned into inseparable friends! I would love to dedicate this blog to all the YODC members and our well wishers and also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very very Happy Friendship Day in advance..Some things are never easy to get or can't be replaced, so treasure your friends always!

"Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, and somewhere in the middle we became the best of friends"