Friendship: A Bliss

My inbox has been flooded with ‘Friendship Day’ messages from the 30th of July. In fact I was surprised when I got all these messages too early as we always used to celebrate it on the first Sunday of august. I think now it’s the right time to wish everyone! So what’s the plan for tomorrow? In Trivandrum, the most happening places will be the hotspots like Ambrosia, CCD etc. I wish not to get into any of these, but I am unsure as my friends may drag me in! I wish to celebrate it very peacefully with my close friends in a very calm manner; maybe we will have a get together at a place where we get enough privacy to have our own style of celebrations!

Friends are always an integral part of our life. I won’t have achieved anything without the support of my friends, especially when it comes to writing. I was always to have some great friends in my life starting from my school life to now. I always believed that I won’t ever get good friends in college, as my school friends were that awesome, especially our gang which included 3rd rank holder in 2010 GATE examination (Instrumentation). But I was proved wrong when I found out some great in college; majority of them belonged to other branches of my batch. But I saw...Maybe the college saw the meaning of friendship through YODC! I could never forget those guys who loved each other without any senior-junior distinction. I am not getting into much of the details as you all know well about them from my previous blogs. Finally about my friends in ‘Billiards Café’…Many may say that it’s just a place for the guys to play snooker, meet and smoke and do all other stuffs. But believe me, it’s a place where you can get some really good friends, who will stand with you for anything and everything! It’s one of the best places in Trivandrum. Many of my friends from school and college are not here now, and I want to tell that I miss you all very much…At times I wish you people were here, to do again all the funny  and naughty stuffs we used to do..To have a total blast again!

Most probably I will start the day with watching any of the friendship movies.  Coming to the movies, I always loved to watch these kinds of movies. Ironically most of those movies have Aamir Khan in the lead... ’Dil Chahta Hai’ is one movie that I love to watch again and again, same case with ‘Rang De Basanti’ and ‘3 Idiots’! Also I love the first three parts of American Pie, Hangover etc whose story got some resemblance with my life! These movies really make us remember about the good times we had. But I believe more unforgettable moments yet to happen in all our lives. I wonder whether the system of giving cards and tying friendship bands still exist with the same intensity as majority celebrate this day in one SMS conveying a friendship day wish. I still love to see those cards and bands among the people as I still continue to do it! For now, cherish your beautiful friends and the moments you had with them. Even if you lose your lover, don’t ever lose a good friend. The value of a friend will be only realized in his/her absence. I wish all my dear friends and everyone a very Happy Friendship Day!

Before concluding this article, I would love to share some interesting comments made by my friends.

Devi Priya

"I don't agree that only a boy can be a gal's best friend. Definitely a boy and girl can be really good friends all through their life! I personally believe that in some cases the limits are being crossed, happens with those who doesn't know the sanctity of a god given relationship. But there are many genuine incredible relationships that are strongly bonded!"

Vinay Chandran
"Friendship in IT industry is like anywhere else. There isn't much difference from elsewhere, good relations do exist as well as double faced one's."

Vishnu Raghav

"There is nothing wrong in loving your best friend. First of all we never plan and fall in love. And if it's your best friend, chances of falling in love are more!"

Lakshmi P Gopal
"Campus has always refined the contours of friendship. Though it was just our friends in early years, now it's our friends, friends of friends and mutual friends! Thanks to social networking sites which has helped us to improve our database. But these days campus friendships lack the sincerity while compared to olden days, but one can never wipe out the possibility of goodness..After all that's what is long term friendship." 

Nidhin Radhakrishnan
"I always loved friendship movies. Among them 'Rang De Basanti' is my all time favorite. I don't know why i love this movie so much..Maybe it depicted the real depth of true friendship!" 

(PS: This article is written from my point of view, based on my experiences. I thank everyone who helped me in writing this one :) )


ChItHrA P said...

Nice read =) Nidhin quote kalangeela tta :D

Divya Sudarsanan said...

frnds r d best n d moments v hav shared wid dem are priceless!!!
happy frnship day to all!!! :-)

Vishnu said...

good one da.. :)

Gautham said...

@chithra: yup..nidhin didn't give me a definite answer for my question.. that's why such a quote!
@divya: :)
@vishnu: thanks da :)

Deepa Nagaraj said...

good one.....may ur dreams come true...