You've got an idea?

Boys only frame creative ideas when they fall for a gal..Right? These ideas never popup while we are attending a tuff examination or some important matters in life, we leave the result to god or console by thinking that we will do better in the next chance. I have helped many of my friends with my crooked ideas, but majority of the cases ended up in deep trouble. Interestingly all these happened during my school days  where I had a bunch of superb friends like Nipin, Soorya, Althaf, Anwar, Jai, Tarun, Girish and many more. But this story revolves around me, Nipin, Soorya and also Althaf in guest role. School days are really the springtime of our life and this happened during our 10th standard, the first hurdle in any student’s life.

I had a very interesting time then just because of my affair with Diya. There were too many rumors about us and it was my idea to utilize the situation well, with the support of Nipin. While I was having a romantic time in class, Nipin and Soorya were busy making plans to get committed. Interestingly they both loved the same gal! The most risky factor was that she happened to be our teacher’s daughter, Vidya. We purposefully chose Soorya as the leader of our class so that our gang will be protected from all punishments especially from our principal, but our vice leader Jinu favored the teachers.  ‘The deserving gets Vidya’..This was the deal between Nipin and Soorya and their entire time was devoted for making plans for impressing her. Soorya came up with the most brilliant idea while Nipin was still referring many movies and books for his success. In spite of the enmity, Soorya decided to befriend Jinu who was Vidya’s best friend, so that he can make a relation soon. I must say Nipin was disappointed with this move as he feared that Soorya was going to hit the jackpot..But I and Althaf were annoyed with Soorya for the stupid idea; we didn’t like Jinu at all! Days after that were as funny as Nipin used to make fights with Soorya, but he went ahead with his plans. This was the time I used to enjoy with Diya because I had no disturbances. After some days we happened to see Soorya in a gloomy expression as if he lost his balls! The reason made us laugh like anything, but in between I was thinking what exactly did Nipin do for this to happen?

“I fell in love with Jinu”...This was what Soorya had to tell us! We laughed even more while we happened to see his annoyed face. Nipin started celebrating like anything and Soorya was screwed forever. Life always takes unexpected curves; maybe her curves impressed Soorya more! Anyways it was love time for him and they pretended like the new Raj and Simran. As these all happened Nipin was in cloud nine and was busy formulating the most innovative idea (he still says so). He started talking more to Jinu as that she always sat near her; I loved to watch the reactions on Soorya’s face that time. Nipin being one of the funniest guys in our class had a belief that gals get impressed by comedy. He started his comedy sessions during lunch that too not allowing Soorya to romance properly. Two three days passed and he was really pleased with the progress. One day after the so-called hilarious session, Soorya talked to him.

“You think Vidya got impressed by your witty skills”?

“What happened”? Nipin asked with this ever innocent expression.

“Your plan worked out. But the one who got impressed was Anu, the gal sitting next to her. I think she is in love with you”. I could see the cunning smile on Soorya’s face when he said this.

I couldn't stop laughing as he said this. Nipin’s face went red as if his girlfriend got pregnant by someone else! I can imagine what was going through his mind then..Even I will get scared if a gal with alien face and size zero figure (may be even less) starts looking me, I may rather stop loving ‘Love’! And his path to Vidya ended there tragically. From then he didn’t even look at the gal’s row as he was scared of witnessing ‘Species’ movie in small screen. By the end of December, I broke up with Diya. That relation should have been ended early, now I feel so. Soorya’s affair too broke up soon after our 10th which I was expecting anytime, a sad ending to new Raj and Simran! Althaf was a silent witness to all these but supported his best friends always.

Now after 7 years we are still having the ‘Single’ tag which I feel is the best status a boy can have. Soorya is now busy trying to make a name among the business giants. Nipin is still in search of her, but not yet successful even though she is in Trivandrum itself! All our ideas didn’t become successful, yet we enjoyed those moments..Still we laugh a lot saying about this!