Coffee @ SCT

Friends sit over a cup of coffee and chat for a long time. But what if a team of good friends were formed just because of a coffee shop? That’s what SCT college presented me with. Those who have been to SCT would know the coffee shop in the front of main block, for others I should say it’s the best place to have a chat in college. The shop started three years back and soon it got into the limelight of whole college, soon it was named as CCD(College Coffee Day). The gang which I was referring to was formed our dear seniors like Lutta, Sreeku, Salimkutty, Rasika, Vivek, Naseel, Zam etc. I was so fortunate to join the team soon followed by rest of the members of YODC. We had a permanent seating near the shop in such a way that we were able to see everyone who goes in or out of the college. We used to bunk majority of the classes and meet over there, never got bored sitting there even for a whole day! Our favorite pastime was to discuss about college gossips, comment on most of the gals passing by, making fun of each other in the team or playing pranks on them etc.

The context for this article happened 3-4 days back when we had a reunion back at our favorite spot, the only difference being we are pass outs now. It was Sreeku who took the initiative for the meeting which had Archit, Abi, Balan, Sab, Sid etc but we missed many like Lutta, Chegu, Salimkutty, Arshad Ikka, Sundan, Machan and many. This event took place during university exams; even we had a role in the university exam festival! It was strange; in fact, sad to find that now most of our juniors are bookworms. We used to make all sorts of mess before the exams, but now the scene is just like that of a typical management college. I’m sure that many students would have wondered why these pass outs were coming back and making all sorts of troubles! But we were excited to be back, it was an awesome feeling. Discussing our old stories over a cup of coffee is a hearty feeling which gets doubled when we make a person pay the whole bill for our food! The only sad thing is that the new batches got a lot of good gals; campus really got filled with cherries and mulberries. We were wondering where these were when we were studying. We had this black&white movie for four years, now it’s like a glamorous movie with 3D effect. Our only consolation was the ones like ‘Mech Rani’, but there too we had to compete with the whole college! Still we passed all sorts of comments on the new gals and made our team’s mark which was so satisfying like placing our flag on moon! As Sreeku says, we all still got a nice feeling when we come back to college. We really miss college at times..Miss the great times with our friends. For all those students out there I wanna say one thing..When you go back to college as a pass out, ‘Missing’ or ‘Nostalgia’ should be the feeling that should come to your mind. Don’t ever let the feeling ‘Regret’ rule you after college days. Enjoy the rest of days to maximum!


Journey as a Writer!

It's been long since I wrote something. Well I was pretty busy with some written works, so just took a gap from blogging. Still now I haven't got a topic or story to write, so this will be a very casual blog. I am happy to inform you all that my blog is completing its second year on coming 21st. Still can't believe I wrote continuously for two years that too without boring you people! Firstly I should thank my dear friend Lakshmi for bringing me back to writing that too during engineering 3rd year, which was the worst year of my college life. Her support was the main reason why at least some people recognize me as a good writer, thanks a lot my dear pal! Then to Sidharth who encouraged me from the beginning. He also gave me some writing tips which I think helped me to improve. The only sad thing is that still he is too lazy to write; we are losing a very good writer! Back to my blog, I’m too excited to say that total blog views are approaching the grand 10,000 mark! Among the views my first article ‘Thoovanathumbikal’ and ‘Remembering Monisha’ tops the list. All blogs are dear to me, but these two holds a special place in my heart along with all the blogs about my college life.

I hope I will be able to continue entertaining all of you with my writing. I want to present more and more interesting articles, same time I have to move on with my written articles to achieve what I desire the most..To publish a book! Hope everything will work out as I hope. I feel too proud when people address me as a writer because that’s what I love to hear always in this life. This blog will be incomplete if I forget to mention some of the important persons in my life who have always been my support. Thanks to my team YODC (especially Chegu, Balan, Abi, Archit, Prabhu), Megha, Shabnam, Nandini (my editor too), Karthika, Ganga, Aparna, Neethu, Karnan, Chintoo, Aswathy, Monu, Deepal, Sarath, Divya, Shamin, Nipin, Jai, Naveen, Tarun, Anwar, Vinay Devi etc for the immense support always! I will be back with an interesting article soon..Till then you all take care and have a superb Diwali next week.