Out of Frustration

I always expected a time where food, water and petrol would cost more than liquor. When I joined college in 2006 the petrol price was around Rs 35/litre. Now in 2011 the price has climbed over Rs 70/litre and it’s obvious that the price will increase only. Even the Kerala High Court urged the people to raise their voice against the frequent petrol price hike. Now it’s heard that the petroleum companies are going to hike again in a few days time! The case is not different with food items too. Already our state is depending on states like Tamil Nadu for many of the food items (like vegetables, fruits etc) which where once abundant in Kerala. And if the price goes up for the food stuffs too, our common people will face a great economic crisis. Don’t be surprised if in future people start consuming beer only which costs around Rs 55 or even less (more economic than petrol and many food items).

Many people joined with Anna Hazare fighting against corruption, but where are these people when price rise is troubling the whole nation? Every week there will be a Harthal or Bharath Bandh protesting against price hike or some government policies. The only benefits of such activities are like students get a day off, exams are postponed, offices are closed etc; you people are again harming our people only, we are not benefiting anything from this. Its better all political parties and organizations stop conducting harthals, we are really fed up of this political showoff. No one will protest or conduct bandhs if price of liquor is hiked; everyone is ready to spend more and more on this (Kerala being first in liquor consumption). Our country being a democratic one, it’s high time where all citizens should unite and protest against all the activities which are against the welfare of common man. In Facebook there was a funny picture asking who will reach 100 first, petrol or Sachin Tendulkar? Don’t be surprised if our master blaster comes second in this!

Now back to Kerala where a psycho is threatening the good name of Malayalam Film Industry. I still wonder why our people are giving such importance to people like Santhosh Pandit! I know even my friends are going to watch his film for a belly laugh, making fun of him or shout all the bad words when his face is displayed on the screen; but by doing this we all are actually encouraging him. What I understood is that he is really a genius; the original fools are we people only. We view, share his videos in social networking sites in order to make fun or insult him. Unfortunately he’s getting paid for the these stuffs and actually he had recovered the production cost of movie even before its release, whatever he’s getting now is just profit which any other Malayalam movie can’t dream off these days! It’s sad that our media and people are giving unwanted hype for such a person who even insulted some eminent directors of our industry. Movies like Kaiyoppu, Palerimanikyam, Melvilasom, Adaminte Makan Abu were some of the exceptional movies made in Malayalam, but these never got the recognition they deserved and our audiences are responsible for it. Everyone say good films are never made, but when they are made our audiences will itself let it down. Please do stop promoting these craps and whoever makes it even if it’s through social networking sites or in theatre. The ultimate loss will be for our film industry only. Our film industry is considered as the best by many in India which got its name through our legendary directors, scriptwriters, actors etc. We can hope that our industry will remain the way it is and never reach a state where it’s identified on such people’s name! 

A photo from Facebook

PS: Whatever written above is just from my viewpoint. Many may have different perspectives on this, please do feel free to express your views.


gaya3 said...

socially charged!! \m/ u got a point there with team anna... I'm wondering the same thing!!

we can bag TR and santosh pandit in the same bag right??? hmmm... anyway it's the sudden impulse of the people you know. his time will pass... soon!!

Gautham said...

@gaya3: thanks dear :-)..if people still choose to remain silent to these things, the government or other authorities can't be blamed! and the santhosh case..hope in future our industry won't be famous in his name! i really believe soon people will stop encouraging these stuffs!

gaya3 said...

i hope so too!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hoo ! Relieved to have a Diesel car !And I am sure the Santhosh Pandit phenomenon is not gonna last anyway.People won 't be that dumb to watch his next one !

sruthi jayachandran said...

youngsters have to get aware of such fools like santhosh pandit.coz a lotta good malayalam movies are even unrecognized by us.btw this movie,"melvilasom" is produced by my neighbour uncle.i just went to see that just for his sake.but truly speaking,the film was a classic one.:)

Nithin Sudarsanan said...

i agree with u bro..
but honestly i fell lyk layin my fist on tat guy's face... he's insane!!!! LORDDD!!!!!

Ashitha said...

Gud one Gautham.U raised the voice !!