My IFFK Diary

One whole week Trivandrum was in a festive mood. Everyone used to wake up with the hope of seeing more and more beautiful films, meeting new people, having film chats over a cup of tea etc. Now everything has gone missing as IFFK 16 (International Film Festival of Kerala) came to an end yesterday. Even though the festival was full of controversies and troubles, I really enjoyed as it was my first one. But compared to last years, the movies weren’t of that quality and the organizing was also weak. Fortunately I got the chance to watch some of the better movies in the festival. Among them I was very much impressed by the Syrian film ‘Damascus with Love’. That was a film which really  amused me, I was too happy after watching it. Should say it’s one of the best movies I watched in recent times. Thanks to my friend Anu Mohan for choosing that movie. The other films which I liked were The Painting Lesson, The Cat Vanishes, A Seperation, Lucky, Together etc. My opinion was that ‘The Painting Lesson’ (which got the audience award) should have been awarded the ‘Suvarna Chakoram’. It doesn’t mean that ‘The Colors of the Mountains’ was bad, but I found the other movie better. Among the Indian movies, I got the chance to see ‘Delhi in a Day’ and ‘Akam’ (the only Malayalam movie I saw). Meeting Prashant Nair (director of Delhi) was one of the best experiences of film festival. I really got proud when he said he’s waiting to watch ‘Adaminte Makan Abu’ as he was getting rave reviews about this movie from everyone. Please do understand that people from other parts of the world value Malayalam films a lot, whereas what about our own audience? ‘Akam’ based on Malayattoor’s ‘Yakshi’ was a good attempt from Shalini Usha Nair. But the audiences were showing their class by making all sorts of noises and comments. I still wonder why these people discourage Malayalam movies while they sit with pin drop silence for an offbeat movie from any other language.
Damascus with Love

I should thank my friends Vishnu Raghav, Anu Mohan, Jyotish etc for making this IFFK a memorable one. It was really a stage for me to meet new people from different sectors. Not to forget meeting a beautiful gal after watching Akam movie. The way she waved me a ‘hi’ will remain as one of the unforgettable moments of IFFK. And if you people say to pick a movie, I would definitely go with ‘Damascus with Love’. I can’t explain how beautiful that movie is, you have to watch it and get the visual delight. Do try to watch it soon! I may have missed some of the best movies this time, but I don’t regret as whatever I saw didn’t let me down. Everyday there was protests and fights at the main venue which really made me remember about my college. Hope next year the film festival will be better in every way than this time, being free from all controversies and issues. And we can sincerely hope that the venue won’t be shifted to Calicut, which will definitely create chaos. 

The Painting Lesson