2011 in a glance!

Well, everybody seems to be so busy with 2012 wishes and resolutions. However, I’m sad that 2011 got over this fast. The year happened to be an amazing one for me. When compared to the previous year’s this year wasn't that struggling. Writing was again the spotlight of 2011. I could retain my good name as a writer. The main thing was that I started writing again in Malayalam with the dream of publishing a book. And I’m happy to say that my dream is getting closer. The total views of my blog crossed 10,000, and my articles about Padmarajan and Monisha (my personal favorites) crossed 1,000 mark. It’s so proud to know that my articles are being received well by many. I hope you all can expect better articles this year and sometimes even new level of writing from me. 

November 2011 will hold a special place in my heart forever. It’s the month when I, and Chintoo Chettan celebrated our sister Achu’s birthday. The whole month we were busy making plans to surprise her. Those days were too exciting as I woke up every day with the aim of finding some interesting gifts for her. At last, everything worked out as we planned, maybe better than we expected. What matters for us is her happiness, and we weren’t let down. I would love to thank my sister for presenting us with some of the beautiful days of our life. Be the light and strength of our life forever! November was also the month which blessed me with a job. I was appointed as the special correspondent for JaiHo News. I’m totally in love with my job, which gives me the space for doing something creative. 

It would have been an utter bore year if my friends weren’t in Trivandrum. Majority of the hangouts continued to be with YODC. We had cricket matches, parties, chat sessions at Kowdiar Park (Balan will hate this), Kanakakunnu, etc. As usual, victimizing someone in our gang continued, and I got more chances last year. However, it was great to be with all of them, especially Chegu, Archit, Abi, Balan, Prabhu, Lutta and Arshad Ikka.  And not to forget my dearest cousins and close friends like Nipin, Tarun, Jai, Vaisakh Chettan, etc. Meeting with my Chinmaya friends was a really special moment as it happened almost after 10 years. I take this opportunity to thank all my dear friends and well wishers for their never-ending support. When it comes to extracurricular activities like drinking, last year was an excellent one. Too many interesting incidents happened but to write it fully I will need another blog. Well, I could contribute nicely to Kerala State Beverages Corporation and even had a good share during the record Onam sale. 

Film Festival (IFFK 16) was another great memory of 2011. The film festival wasn’t a best one, but it was a fresh experience for me. I could watch movies from different parts of the world, meet new people, etc. I, Vishnu Raghav and Anu Mohan had an interesting film festival. Their film is getting released tomorrow, and I really wish it does well. I can’t conclude this blog without talking about the movies I saw last year. Many movies impressed me like Traffic, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Engeyum Epodhum, etc., but a majority of the movies disappointed me. ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Damascus with Love’ were the movies which I fell in love with. These are the movies which we will love to watch repeatedly. The year 2011 ended in a sad note as my grandfather passed away on 25th. That’s a big loss for our family. However, I’m proud to say that I was fortunate to share a drink with him. In spite of some losses, last year was a tremendous one for me, maybe the best in recent times. Hope next year will have more special events in store. I wish everyone a very happy and safe year ahead. May god bless you and let all your dreams come true!

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Deepal said...

Happy new year bro! Keep rocking and writing :D :)