Amigo Amigo!

Birthdays are the most exciting day for all of us. The special phone calls at 12, birthday bumps, party with friends, etc., all that makes us excited from the previous day itself. However, I always remember my birthday with a shock. It’s unusual that a guy joins a school in the final days of an academic year, that too a tall and handsome guy. However, why did Nipin join on January 13 itself? Our English teacher Josephine Miss was the one who asked me to welcome him with a toffee and shake hand! And there started the tale of our friendship. First, I believed he was thrown out of previous school for some illegal activities. However, with an innocent face and behavior, he became the favorite of everyone! Without wasting any time he made a lot of fans in every class. Basketball was the key to his success. Well, I can surely say he was the first basketball player whom our school saw!

Many of you may have read about him from my previous blogs, so I’m not going to say in detail about him. Best friends can even get you into troubles at times. He was always an expert in that. In simple, he can be compared to Stifler in American Pie or Kumar in the Harold&Kumar movie series. He has a special knack for getting me into troubles. In 11th standard, I had to visit our student councilor for some reason. Those days she called up guys to discuss only about love troubles. Unfortunately, he saw me getting into her room. As I expected when I got back all sorts of stories were spreading. Many came to ask about my love failure story, the mental trouble I was experiencing, etc....huh, I was totally screwed. I was relieved that he didn’t say that I went to make love with her! He even screwed me during 10th standard model exam. We decided not to study Malayalam for the last model exam as the question paper always had been repeating questions. I stopped writing after two hours, but he went on writing something until the end of examination. When I asked about that he said he was looking at a gal for three hours. I shouldn’t have believed him. When the marks got out, I got a decent pass mark, whereas he stood among the toppers of that subject! Well, I do like to share all such screwed instances with you all, but that may put me in another trouble soon.

Whatever happens, he’s my best friend forever. Day before yesterday we had the decennial celebration of our friendship. As Achu always says he’s a best friend whom anyone can ever get. After seeing this, he may say that I’m jealous of him, that’s why I’m writing all these stuffs. Definitely, I was jealous because of the fan base he had among gals. In fact, he was a champion in every game he played. Still, he dumps me into troubles whenever he gets a chance. Though I say all these, he’s a guy whom we can really depend on. He brings a lot of smiles to everyone. Very friendly guy with whom we will always have fun. It’s hard to get such good friends these days. This time my birthday was truly a special one. Thanks to my dearest sister Achu, my friends (Nipi,Tarun,Giri), and my cousins for making this an ever memorable one!

(PS: The title is taken from Nipin's favorite dialogue in the film Urumi. Sorry for the late publication!)


Nithin Sudarsanan said...

man!! U had to post this 2day itself.. 2day was our farewell @ cns, nd aftr reading ur blog, im jus in tears remembering all my memories..

Deepal said...

Nice write-up bro. Nipin sure is fun! :D Belated birthday wishes btw =))

Visakh said...

Aliya thanks a lot for bringing the memories back... Those were the days... Thanks a ton for the write up.

maliny said...

nice account . . birthdays are the most special day take ny year for me too . . loved the way u depicted the intensity of friendship too...keep writing :)

Anonymous said...

Belated Birthday Wishes , Pal !:-) It 's sure those little surprises that make the day special !
It 's true when they say Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai , LOL , But we all have our best ones who are more special ! And you have put it across really well in this post , dude ! Keep posting ! :-)