Getting Realistic!

Still complaining there are no female oriented movies in Malayalam? Then you don’t want to miss Aashiq Abu’s ’22 Female Kottayam’ which got released today. Aashiq Abu returns with yet another outstanding movie after Salt n Pepper.

The movie narrates the life story of Tessa Abraham (Rima Kallingal) from Kottayam, who works as a nurse in Bangalore. Her dream is to fly abroad to pursue higher studies in nursing. For that she approaches a visa agency and meets Cyril (Fahadh Fasil) there. Soon they fall in love and her life changes drastically. From there we can witness an incredible journey of her life. I won’t get into detail of the story as I want everyone to experience it in the theatres itself. First of all let me congratulate the director for the outstanding effort! I personally know many who said Aashiq Abu is just an overrated director after the success of Salt n Pepper. Many told me this movie is going to be a flop in the box office. For all those who criticized him and to everyone who read this, I will definitely state that he is one of the best directors our industry now has. Believe me guys; he is a director with some sense. You will definitely agree it when you witness this brilliant piece of filmmaking. We should also thank Abhilash Kumar and Syam Pushkaran for an awesome script. They should be applauded for scripting the disturbing facts our society faces these days. Whatever happened in Tessa’s life is exactly what’s happening in the lives of young women, especially those who are working in nursing field.

Fahadh and Rima deliver an exquisite performance. The year is proving good for Rima with the performances from Nidra and this one. But the performance in this movie will be her tag for the coming years. Fahadh is brutally charming as Cyril. When it comes to acting, he is just perfect. No wonder why gals where cheering for him in theatre. The scenes between Cyril and Tessa are just wow! The supporting cast has been excellent, whether it be Prathap Pothen, TG Ravi, Sathar, Resmi Sateesh etc. Music by Rex Vijayan and Bijibal is commendable. The film got some outstanding BGM’s. The song 'Melle Kollum' is wonderfully rendered and shot. Shyju Khalid deserves a mention for the beautiful visuals.  Also to editor Vivek Harshan and others who supported in making this movie worth watching. The movie will really inject some emotional hangover to you. Cyril and Tessa will rule our minds for a long time. I would definitely ask everyone to watch this movie, especially gals! We should thank Aashiq Abu and his wonderful Team for presenting us a credible movie. Special mention to the producer OG Sunil who even did a small role in this movie. Our industry needs more sensible and interesting movies like this. We can really rely on people like Aashiq Abu, who will take our cinema to new heights.