'Sunny' Chronicles

“Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends.” Thanks to my dear cousin Sonu for sharing this in Facebook as it really means a lot to those people who got some splendid cousins. I’m not going talk in detail about my family here as it will take much of my time and writing space. Actually, this article is dedicated to a person who remains so close to my heart, a person who has always made us (me and my other cousins) laugh and gave many instants to be proud of. To many he is Deepal Vivek, but for us he is always our dear Nattu or Nutts!

Our childhood days weren’t too good as we always had fights with him. He invariably had violent streak which terrified everyone at times! However, by the time we reached high school, we became best friends. And from there the journey of our relation was always on a high note. He is one of the laziest guys I have ever come across, but most brilliant too! I’m not going to write about his marks or percentage here as it still makes me unconscious at times. I would love to share an incident with you all, which may be still unknown to some of his friends. He was asked to write an essay about his favorite sports person for his Malayalam model examination. Writing about Martina Hingis is never a crime, but what if he failed to mention about her excellent career? He described neatly about her body features and finally ended in principal’s room! I have dared to write film dialogues in my Malayalam paper, but never took such a risk. After getting into engineering, he continued to amaze all of us with his high GPAs. But the thing which surprised all of us was his CAT result. The guy who went to play bowling at Ernakulam Gold Souk finally ended up with interview calls from the top IIMs in India. It still seems like a fairytale for me as I surely know he went to write the exam without any preparation. And again surprised everyone when he chose IIM-B over IIM-A! Whatever he gets into; he comes out with great success. On behalf of everyone, I wish you the very best!

Let me get little personal. After you left to Bangalore, it has been a tedious time for us. No hangouts, gambling, and especially no liquor. I have always cherished the time we spend together, especially while drinking. You have made me laugh like anything. And not to forget our night out adventures and dialogues like ‘No’! He's one guy who loves&cares his family and friends a lot. However, he always intends to hide it. He left to Bangalore without informing many of his close ones as he didn't want to get emotional. He can't bear the parting even if it's for a short time. I was lucky that I made a phone call to him enquiring about the departure, else he would have left without saying to me. I wish we can see soon so that we could have a blast again. Till then I won’t drink...New resolution!