Fading Memories...

Remember the time when we all used to write on autograph books, slam books, etc.? I think that was a prestigious thing to do some ten years back. Not to forget about all those greeting cards we used to send or gift our loved ones, the letters we used to write, passing messages on paper chits during class hours, scribbling or drawing on our notebooks, etc.! Well, I definitely miss those things now. The very reason for writing this article happened when I went through my slam books after a long time. Really wish I could get back to my school days!

Sadly, these days, I find all these things disappearing from our life. Of course, technology is far more advanced these days. These days we got e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, etc for keeping in touch. I’m not against these, but I still love and value our traditional ways of communication. Letters were replaced by e-mail sometime back, but now e-mail has become more a part of professional use. Everyone finds convenience with text messaging, chats, etc. When I was in school, calling to land phone was the only way to talk to gals, which we have to fix a time earlier so that her dad, mom or brother won’t attend the call. Risk was too high!

We used to scribble and draw pictures in our notebook. And when we fall for a gal, our notebook gets filled with her name and pictures. We used to calculate the love percentage and look FLAME (F-friendship, L-love, A-affection, M-marriage, and E-enemy). E was disheartening for all of us. There was another game which my friend Anwar found out during 12th standard chemistry class. Nuclear chemistry was being taught and after the class hour, I found my textbook full of nuclear reactions containing ‘love’ sign! When asked, said he was trying out reactions between different guys and gals, and the result contained how many babies they get after the reaction, wasted sex tries, etc.! I wondered how this guy came first in exams, but believe me; he went on to become 3rd rank holder in GATE examination (Instrumentation) later.

How many of you have written love letters during school days or even in college? I don’t find anyone doing these days now; most of them love instant messaging, fb chats or texting. Well, I have written many during my school days. However, I never used to give them, and many ended it in my mom’s hands! Then e-mail was found useful, but got bored when after starting instant messaging. Then mobile phone, Orkut, Facebook, etc., took away the letter-writing habit from our society. However, I still continue to gift greeting cards to my loved ones. I strongly feel that it’s a true way of expressing our emotions, to whoever it may be.

Autograph books, slam books, etc. are some of the beautiful memories that we are left with. It was exciting to write about someone, but more exciting when someone writes in ours, especially gal. Guys get into a dream state when gals take the slam book or autograph book home. We will be too eager to know what they write in ours, we even forget to look what guys have written about us. It was also a way to know more about a gal, her interests, secrets, what she thinks about us, phone number, e-mail address, etc. Boys used to write all sorts of nonsense about boys and exactly opposite in a gal’s book. However, we boys love to keep on reading a gal’s comment even if it’s nonsense or irritating. For example,

“Pray to god before u sleep, so that u won’t see any unnecessary dreams." This was a comment written by a gal in my slam book. The context of this comment happens to be a naughty dream I saw about her. Believe me, it was way naughty!

We get happy and emotional while going through all these now. Those who have just finished her schooling or college could relate well to this topic. As the technology advances, all those small things that we once used to value a lot will lost it's charm. Interestingly, the next generation won't be aware of this culture, which once was a part of our life. “Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose” the quote says it all! Ok people; get back to your old memories while I have a look through my slam book again (especially the page written by one of the hottest gals of Trivandrum. Trust me, she was!).