Love Aaj Kal

We all live in an age where real love or true love is becoming extinct. People try to make a relation through social networking sites, chatting, texting etc. The funny part is majority of the relations break up in a matter of seconds. But I still believe in real love as I have got the chance to witness it, sadly couldn’t experience it till now.

Religion, caste, economic status etc still remains as the major barrier for all relations. Our society has reached a stage where one night stands and premarital sex are being encouraged a lot. Many decide to back out from relationships when it starts getting bitter. But my story is going to take you through the life of two people who decided to fall in love even after knowing that they can’t ever unite. They never cared about their religion or the society around them. They decided to live and enjoy their life when they were about to part. The story deals with their journey, the most beautiful final days of their love!

At a time where real love is losing it's charm, I want people to know that real love gets awarded always. Relationships may not have a happy ending always, but efforts to make it successful is as good as a success. At least you could be sincere to your conscience. Love is not for who just dream, but for those who dare to live their dream. 

PS: Actually, this is a link for the site indiblogger. The theme of my story is being written here. Sorry if I confused you people with this post! :-)