Some days back I had an interesting chat session with a friend who actually happens to be younger than me. I termed it as ‘interesting’ because he was talking about his new love. The guy seemed to be very serious and I was going on asking about the possibility of that girl showing green flag. The sweetest part of this conversation happened when he revealed about the gift he presented her. A valuable gift a guy can gift a gal with... ’Chocolate’!

His revealing was really a journey back to old crazy days. All those who have read my previous blogs know about my past affairs and relations. Even I had the habit of gifting ‘munch’ chocolate to my ex during school days. Even I used to give her ├ęclairs toffee, which I used to get from canteen when they won’t have balance to give. I had this crazy way of writing her name in my notebooks, writing songs for her etc. I found notebooks useful only for writing about her!

Whenever a good song gets out, I used to write it neatly with sketch pens on ruled papers and gift her. Don’t know whether she kept it safe or gave to some other guy! Gifting chocolates ended soon as my friend Nipin started playing pranks with it. He released new version of ‘munch’ chocolate with detergent powder over it. Even our economics teacher’s daughter became a victim of that; luckily we didn't end up in principal’s room. Only once I wrote a letter for my girl. It was the month of January and I tore a page from my diary dated September 15th to write, just to impress her. My love letter went ineffective like an ISRO rocket; she just noticed the date as it was her birth date.

Now in the age of texting, instant messaging, BBM and all, we truly miss these crazy stuffs. I’m happy that at least some care to continue this. Hope I was able to take you all back to those wonderful days. For those who are yet to begin, don’t waste your time anymore. Have all the fun!

(PS: Celebrating third birthday of my blog today. Thanks to everyone who has encouraged and supported me all these years!)