Time to React!

India woke up with the best possible news on November 21, 2012. Media and the people were rejoicing in the hanging of Ajmal Kasab, the man who brutally killed several innocent people in 2008 Mumbai attack. Celebrations were carried out in various parts of India and even in social networks like Facebook (even I put up a status too). Between all these celebrations and discussions about his hanging, I really got something to discuss with you all.

Our fundamental rights clearly states Right to freedom (speech and expression), but two girls were recently arrested for using this. So, I really don’t know what’s going to happen with this article! The day marks the 4th anniversary of Mumbai attack. The time taken for Kasab's execution aroused many questions among the people and media. In India, capital punishment should be only imposed in ‘the rarest of rare cases’. There are many in our country who is awaiting this punishment. But why people like Kasab are allowed to file mercy petition? That is an injustice to the people who suffered or are still suffering, right? Kasab killed over 100 people and still he was given the provision to file mercy petition. That was too ridiculous! Hope the rest who filed mercy petition after conducting unforgivable crimes get the same result of Kasab. Many have openly said people like this should be executed in public, what do you feel?

Terrorism is not the only problem our country face today. Many people openly admit that they are scared to live in India, just because the crime rate is going high day by day. Every day, newspapers will have a rape or murder to report. The case in Haryana was the worst. Hope everyone remember Soumya who was brutally killed while travelling in train? The police found the culprit and produced him at the court in no time. But then what happened? He’s having a good stay in the prison! His execution is getting late too. In a book written by one of the eminent actors of India, he expresses his concern over issues like rape, forcing immature girls for prostitution (that too by parents itself), brutally punishing small kids, children attacking their parents etc. What should be done to these people? Do they even deserve to be in prison? As an actor says in a recently released movie, “Arab style of punishment should be implemented here”! Seeing the problems our country facing today, no wonder if it gets implemented too.

This is my view on the things happening in our society. Justice should be delivered to the people who deserve it, not to the criminals. Do feel free to express your views by commenting on this article. Speak your mind out! Everyone should know that a generation is not sleeping. Lastly, let’s not forget those people who lost lives in 26/11..May all your souls rest in peace!

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