“Journey of Life”: My entry for the Get Published contest

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Story Idea

Nikhil and Ritu fell madly in love ever since they joined a MNC in a famous IT hub of Kerala. Nikhil hails from a reputed Hindu-Nair family and Ritu happens to be a Knanaya Christian, an endogamous community of Kerala. In spite of all this difference and knowing their union is difficult; they couldn't prevent from falling for each other. The story starts at a crucial point where their relation is on the verge of a breakup as her marriage gets fixed another guy. Ritu’s parents are least impressed by Nikhil and asks her to resign the job and join them abroad as soon as possible. Nikhil gets completely shattered by all these. However, Ritu boldly faces this situation. Before leaving to London to join with family, she decides to live her life to the fullest. She urges Nikhil to spend the rest of days together, fulfilling all their dreams before stepping into a hatred life. Nikhil gets confused with her wish at first, but later finds it as the best decision. And together they embark on a journey to fulfill their life!

Why this story?

In modern Indian society, issues like living together are getting common. However, our society is still reluctant to accept this fact. Our people are still narrow-minded when it comes to issues like inter caste marriage. When people shows reluctance to sincere relations, things like living together and premarital sex happens. This really happened in my friend’s case too, this story is inspired from his life. The story deals with the difficulties a real love faces and the mindset of new generations which our society purposefully chooses to disapprove. And this story is very much relevant in this time period as the element of ‘True Love’ is being missing from all relations. Love is not about hanging around or having sex, it’s all about being sincere and sacrificing!


The gang was completely shocked to see Nikhil and Ritu teasing each other. They don't see it often.

“See, a thousand gals will come behind me if I leave you”. Nikhil continued to irritate her.

“In your dreams!” she replied instantly.

“Why? No other gal can love me?”

“Yes. But there’s only one Ritu who loves you,” she said with a smile.

“As if I need you!” he was not in the mood to leave her.

“Yes. Nikhil needs Ritu more than anyone else. Stop arguing, that won’t help you to cover the truth,” she continued to reply in a cool way. Nikhil couldn't hide his smile at this comment. Everyone started laughing at this moment.

“You are making me crazy,” he said to her in a romantic way.

“You better be!” she said with a wink.

EndNoteThis is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India


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