Courier 'Scare'

The word ‘courier’ makes my friend Naveen screams the most. He’s afraid of couriers ever since he picked up one for me back in 2008. The story happened soon after my eventful college tour. It was the content of the courier which gave too many troubles for him. Let’s get into the story fast!

I did most of the shopping from Bangalore during the tour. However, I was unable to find a special type of bangle which my friend asked me to get for her. I searched for it all over the commercial street and couldn't find it. The reality was that I had no idea how that bangle looked like! Finally, my friend mailed its picture after I got back home. Soon I requested my sister’s friend Nitha to buy and courier it. However, I knew delivering this courier to my house will create utter havoc. So I asked Naveen’s address and asked him to pick the courier for me (hope I told him about the content). He gladly gave the address and told me to inform when the courier is send. Nitha send the courier as soon as I gave the address, but I forgot to tell him about this!

I called him next day afternoon to tell about this. The scene changed completely from that moment.

I: “Hello da. The courier was sent yesterday evening. Hope you will get it by tomorrow”.

Naveen (serious tone): “Got it. It’s here”.

I (surprised): “What?? This fast? Courier companies have become efficient”.

Naveen: “I want to talk to you. Come fast and take it”.

The scene at his home was completely unexpected. He looked at me with a gloomy and agitated expression, but even had a smile at times. His mom was always having a smile on her face. It was she who handed over me the courier. I was little embarrassed to receive it as she clearly knew what was inside it. I told her all the details regarding it, still she had that smile. He was always urging me to get out of there soon, and finally we left after ending the conversation with aunty. He didn't talk much during the journey to our usual hangout spot. His behavior got completely transformed on reaching the spot, like Vikram’s transformation to Annyan from the soft spoken Ambi!

Naveen (agitated): “Why you didn't tell that the courier was send”?

I: “Actually I forgot. I never expected it will reach this fast. Something bad happened?”

Naveen: “Yes, why not? Mom doubts me!” I couldn't resist laughing at that. This made him angrier.

Naveen: “She believes that the girl send courier for me!”

I: “But I told her the truth right? She knows that’s for my friend.”

Naveen: “You arrived at the end only. Lot much happened before that.”

I: “What? You could have told her the truth at the beginning itself.”

Naveen: “You think I’ll save your image? Never! I told everything so that you lose the good image in front of her.”

I: “Well done, thank you! Then what’s the problem?”

Naveen: “My mom is too intelligent. She has her own reasons and proofs to believe that I have a relation with the girl who sent the courier!”

I (surprised): “What???”

Naveen (sad tone): “Hope you remember I had my college tour a week before yours. Even I was there at Bangalore for some days. She believes that I met this girl then. Since my mom believes so much in me, she is sure that I gifted these bangles to her. After I got back here, she send it back. This is what my mom interpreted from the courier incident.” This was really unexpected. I started laughing like anything.

I (still laughing): “So she believes you bought her bangles to impress, and she send it back as soon as you got here?”

Naveen: “Unfortunately, yes!”

I: “That’s one of the best stories I have ever heard! I thought only we could make such fabricated one’s.”

Naveen: “Hmm. The story would have been more interesting if your mom received the courier! I would have had the time of my life.” That was really a shocking quote from him. It made me think for some time and finally we laughed together.

I: “Come on, let’s leave this. Can we have a game of snooker now?”

Naveen (with a weak smile): “Ya, that’s the only relief now. Let’s go!” The issue got solved then. We got into the bike and happily rode towards our snooker club.

Naveen: “For god’s sake, please never give my address to anyone. I will never ever send or receive a courier again!” As always, the day ended happily at the snooker club.

Recently, I wanted to deliver a flipkart shipment to my cousin’s home and was asking his address. I forgot that Naveen was also present there. The reply came soon.

Naveen (almost screaming): “No, don’t give him your address. Once, I got a nice gift. I haven’t got over from that gift’s effect. If you want to stay in your house, better don’t give him.” My cousin got absolutely confused with this.

I (laughing): “Oh yes, I forgot that. What’s your new address?”

Naveen (smiling): “Oh no. I live in the street now. I don’t have an address.” We both laughed.

Later, he explained everything in detail. Everyone had a nice time hearing his helpless situation. Still, the word courier scares him the most. Friends, do give this a try if you want your best friend to be in trouble. However, make sure that you don’t show his way out!