The Art of Gifting

Gifts are always precious for anyone. It’s a proof that someone or some people care or love us. These gifts add happiness to our lives when years pass by. It can also bring tears if things never went the way you imagined. Anyway, I’m not going to write a sad note here. Let’s talk about the unforgettable gifts or memories!

For me, even a greeting card is a biggest gift. I make it sure that I give a card along while gifting someone. I believe it’s a sort of expressing our care and affection towards them. That is why I always had immense joy in receiving those. I used to get a lot of cards during my childhood; sadly I didn't keep them safely. I started treasuring them from my college days, which I know is a little late. Thanks to my best friend Achu for teaching me that. I have got many gifts during my college days, especially from Achu and my school friends, which I still treasure the most. However, there are two instances which I will never ever forget in this life!

The first one happened while I was giving my birthday treat at Ambrosia bakery. That was during the first year of college life. It was really special as it was my first birthday after entering college and my school friends, cousins and a few college mates were present at the occasion. I got very surprised when they presented me some gifts. Usually, guys are too weak in gifting department. The gift of the day came from my college mates. It was a small and neatly wrapped in a gift paper. They wanted me to open it there itself and started laughing when I was unwrapping it. They even gave a caution to open it safely. Out of my anxiety, I opened it; everyone exploded into laughter, even the lady staff there couldn't hide her smile. Inside the gift box lied a neat and beautiful 'brief' ! I still can’t remember how I handled that embarrassing situation! It was really a new experience and even I couldn't stop laughing later. Soon, this incident became famous in college. However, I am very much grateful to them. That gift was really useful!

The next experience was a rather shocking one. This time from a gal, but it wasn't a brief anymore! This happened during my final year in college. One day I got a call from my friend Dhanya.

Dhanya (too happy): “Hey. Are you free tomorrow evening?”

I: “Hope I will be. Why? What happened?”

Dhanya: “Your birthday gift is awaiting. I would be very happy if you come and collect it as early as possible.”

I (excited): “Sure. We will meet tomorrow evening.” It’s quite natural that guys get excited when a gal is going to gift something. I couldn't hide that when I saw her.

Dhanya (smiling): “You seem so happy.”

I: “Of course. It’s the first gift from you. I’m super excited!” She handed over the gift to me. It was beautifully wrapped up in a costly Archies gift cover. That made me more curious.

Dhanya: “Do handle it with care.”

I (more curious): “Sure. What is it? Some crystal or something?”

Dhanya (laughing): “Much more precious. You will definitely like it. Get back home soon. I expect a call as soon as you open it.”

I: “Ok. Bye.”

I got back home at the earliest. However, my mom came to inspect this cover as soon as she saw it. She just gave a check without opening it.

Mom (doubtfully): “What is this? A beer?”

I (irritated): “Oh. This’s a gift my friend gave me. Don’t look it with suspicion.”

Mom: “Which friend?”

I: “College mate.”

She left the scene without much satisfaction. As soon as she left, I took the cover into my room. My aim was to check it before she returns. I opened it savagely and when I saw the gift, my mind said like “Holy Shit” ! A beer bottle was smiling in front of me and was saying “The King of Good Times”. If my mom had opened it, that slogan would have been really meaningful. I soon hid the bottle and dialed her without wasting any time.

I (still in shock): “What was that!!!?” She was laughing as soon as the call got connected.

I: “Laughing? You know, I just had a narrow escape. My mom was about to open it.”

Dhanya (still laughing): “That would have been the perfect gift.”

I: “Ya. I would have killed you then. How could you do this? At least you could have given a hint that it’s dangerous.”

Dhanya: “Then what’s the fun in it?” She continued laughing. Even I couldn't resist laughing after some time.

I: “One of the best gifts. And a truly shocking one! Between, how did you buy it?”

Dhanya (laughing): “Simple! Bought from the Triveni Beer shop.”

I (surprised): “You went to a beer shop???”

Dhanya (still laughing): “Ya. I took my friend along. I stood in the queue and bought it. But I had doubts about your favorite brand. You like this one, right?”
I (shocked): “No. I quit drinking!.”

We had a brief chat after that. Even though she gave me a shock, it was really a jolly experience. These types of gifts should be presented, but not always! The birthdays followed had much more peaceful experience. The only problem is that my face continues to get dipped in chocolate cake. I should thank my dear friends Tarun and Manu for that, hope I get a payback soon! As I wrap up this blog, a card is in front of me. I got this one recently. It’s very special too! 

PS: Plan and surprise your friend/loved one's. These ideas are outdated. Try something more exciting! And this's my 50th post. I would love to thank everyone who supported me till now. Thank You, Love you all!

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Nithin Sudarsanan said...

hahah! It was only last week that we gifted out friend with a brief in a restaurant! Ohh boy some moment was that!! :D
i guess these never get old ;)