My love..

I was always blessed with a lot of love in my life! Hey, don’t think it’s about girls. I was lucky to have a great family and some terrific friends who always loved and protected me. Well, was that I didn't love any girls? Yes, I did. But it can be termed as a mere infatuation only. That’s what I feel now!

I had a pretty good teenage as my schooldays were just awesome. To gain a ‘flirt’ image in school was always easy. While romancing my teenage, I happened to come across a movie called ‘Thoovanathumbikal’. For a teenager, this movie was too hot to handle. Well, the interesting part is that it was my mom who asked me to watch this movie!

I love the movie for many reasons. I don’t want to cite all that again as I have written it many times. I like to talk about just one factor, ‘Clara’! She is the sole reason why many love this movie madly. It’s obvious that I admired her a lot. When my friends ask about the girl of my concept, I used to say about Clara. However, I was sure that I was never going to find such a girl in my lifetime. Years passed swiftly..Even my college days got over. After 3 years I celebrated my silver jubilee. Still I remained ‘single’!

We live in an age where true love is disappearing from our society. But, I always believed in it and still I do. I have seen great relationships ending up in marriage, breakups, people who just believe in physical relation, flirting etc. My life was full of friends till last year. Unexpectedly, someone came into my life. She was never a stranger. A person whom I know well walked into my life in a totally unexpected situation. And I was finally in love! I still don’t know what magic she did to me, but she just showered me with all her love and care.

Oh, don’t think this was a perfect relation. We too had ups and downs. Yes, the major reason being my immature behavior. Things started getting worse when we both held onto our egos rather than trying to solve the issues. At least she tried; I was still becoming more immature! However, I knew how much I loved her. But, I miserable failed to show it at times. Love is all about keeping your sweetheart the happiest person in the world. Well, I was always failing in that and decided to take a break so as not to hurt her anymore. That was the toughest decision I ever had made in my life. I know how much it pained her, but I was helpless.

I know what you are thinking now. I’m just like any other one who blabbered about stuffs like true love and finally ended as a ‘typical’ guy! Don’t jump to conclusions now; the twist is yet to come. Her absence really got me into a depressed situation. The decision I took to stop hurting her was then hurting me like anything. I badly wanted to get her back, but I knew that I should change. I took my time, analyzed all that happened after she came into my life. Power of love is divine! I realized she was an angel in disguise. While we were in the relation, she tried to teach me many things, which I always failed to appreciate. However, even in her absence she was teaching me many things. Suddenly, my life started getting brighter. I started realizing the meaning of life; I understood what love really is! All I was scared was about getting her back.

It’s time to write to Clara.

Dear Clara,
                   All these years I had been admiring you like an angel. I was so sure that no will beat the impeccable beauty of yours. However, I was always in search of ‘my’ Clara and ultimately someone replaced you in my life. If you weren't in my mind, I would have fallen for an ordinary gal. You taught me how important is to have a ‘perfect’ gal in our life. Yes, she is the one for me! Thanks Clara for keeping me safely for her.

I don’t know how much matured I’m now. All I know is that I love her the most; I will do anything to keep her as the happiest person in the world! Friends, we do share a perfect relation now. She has changed me from a guy to a man. My life has become more responsible and beautiful because of her. I need to tell something to all lovers. To express love is very easy, but it’s too difficult to express it from your heart. A mild touch, a tender kiss, a passionate hug or even the three words ‘I Love You’ are the best ways you can express it. Don’t ever make love a materialistic one. Love with all your heart. Be with her even if everyone turns against you. If she loves with all her heart, be ready to give your life. I deserve to say all these now because I already gave my life to her. Whatever happens, she will be the girl of my life!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I like to add one more thing to this. Majority thinks that love reaches the ultimatum through marriage. I consider this as a foolish idea. I believe marriages are the main reason why many of the best relations gets spoiled. Keep on loving your lover till death, that’s where love get its true meaning. An important decision of ours is the reason why I’m telling you all this now. Anything may happen in future. Whatever happens, we will love forever without the support of marriage institution. Sacrifices are sometimes needed to fulfill love. We took this decision not as to spoil the perfect relation we share. This will be a decision we both never regret in life and our life will always be blessed with love! To love is the most beautiful feeling; to be loved is a blessing. Friends, keep spreading love.


lakshmi said...

Its great to c ur metamorphosis from a happy go lucky person to a mature person..that maturity is echoing each time in ur is all about expressing yourself whatever u hav for others..its upto them to decide whether they want it or with all your heart,take my word u il neva regret if u do so:)hope lyf is taking u to newer heights..cling to it..and morovr dont b afraid of coming down bcz u can come bk and begin it all over again..thats LOVE. :):):)

Nandini said...

Facebook suddenly gave me a notification to one of the posts from 2012 (memories) and I stumbled upon this post. Sorry for having not been around when you were down and needed a friend but seems like you have brilliantly recovered from the downs of love. Stay strong, brother!All the best on this flight ahead to 'home'. :) For love is home to the soul.